If in the summer, the beaches with people, fill, comes also inevitably the trash on the shores and stretches of beach. In addition to all kinds of waste in the cigarette land cigarette butts in the Sand. Therefore, the naturschutzbund Deutschland (Nabu) calls in Schleswig-Holstein, a General ban on Smoking on beaches, as a spokesman confirmed to the star. Previously, the NDR had reported about it.

so Far, it is the schleswig-Smoking Holstein coasts mostly not prohibited. Only on the island of Föhr in the North sea, there is, according to the NDR three beach sections where Smoking is prohibited. According to a spokeswoman for the island of Föhr Tourismus GmbH, the ban was working well: “The guests to take the good and keep to the rules,” said Ann-Kathrin Meyerhof of the NDR.

Concentrated cigarette smoke NRW calls for a ban on Smoking in the car, in order to protect the health of the children of

Smoking in most of the beaches are allowed At the other beaches on the North sea and the Baltic sea according to the NDR for smokers in Tourist information or at the beach basket distributors to get special beach ashtray. So it’ll Bay in the Bay of lübeck and the Bay of Kiel handled.

the reason for the claim of the Nabu is that many Butts have been left on the beach. The Director of Nabu in Schleswig-Holstein, Ingo Ludwichowski, said to the NDR: “We all know what the cant have negative effects when they come into the environment or into the water.” A ban would make it easier to control, Ludwichowksi.

what is your opinion on this?

cigarette butts severely harmful to the environment

According to the “Ökotest” would be cigarette butts make up 30 to 40 percent of the garbage that is found in cities and on beaches – more than plastic bags or straws. Up to six milligrams of nicotine, arsenic and Schwermettale would reach, according to estimates, per Dump in the environment. Many of the substances were, according to the world health organization carcinogenic. For animals, the Butts are dangerous: A cigarette per Liter of water could be an issue for fish is already fatal, so “Ökotest”.

criticism of the claim of the Nabu comes from the tourism Agency of Schleswig-Holstein. The managing Director is Bettina Bunge explained to the NDR: “We have in the country, about 1,300 kilometres of coast line. To control everything would not be feasible and a disproportionate effort.” They instead demand more responsibility of the guests to the North sea and the Baltic sea, as also children would play on the beach.

sources: NDR, “Ökotest”



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