Saves the bees is the most successful popular initiative of the Bavarian history. The provisional official final result, according to involved 18,4 percent of the electorate, and thus so many people as never before, informed as to the land returning officer. Because of the critical Ten-percent threshold was significantly skipped, is the way for a referendum for multi-species protection.

Particularly high in the consent with 26.5 percent in the district of Munich. In the Bavarian capital itself, 20.5 percent of the election signed by guardian.

For a success of the Initiative for more diversity of species nearly a Million were signatures needed. The number had been reached, according to the initiators of days ago. The highest participation was in 1967, to a national policy initiative to school with 17.2 per cent was recorded.

the aim of the desire to Save the bees are less pesticides, more Blühwiesen, more eco and bio to save more biotope networks, as well as a more sustainable training of farmers, so as to bees and other endangered animal species, such as hamsters, grasshoppers, or frogs. The people’s initiative aims at Changes in the Bavarian nature conservation act. Critics, such as the farmers ‘ Association warned about prior to the required higher minimum surfaces for organic cultivation.

The goal of the government is now, an alternative draft law to submit to, with the at the end of all life. Whether that succeeds is still an open question.


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