children race along the road or climbing on ledges that are so high that a fall would probably be fatal. Women in elegant clothes to look sexy in the camera, and elderly people posing in a way that is considered to be how much fun you have in mind, and photographed. But all of this takes place not long planned and great rehearsed in a Studio, but right in the middle of the streets of New York City. At a time in the cameras is still significantly less than in our Selfie-flooded today’s Era. Helen Levitt was a special documentalist, especially your city and the people who don’t normally have the light of attention. She had an eye for the right Moment. 31. August 1913 came Levitt in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, to the world, on 29. In March 2009, she died in Manhattan, in Greenwich Village.

The Albertina in Vienna has been dedicated to the photographer from October 2018 until February 2019, with a major retrospective. In collaboration with the Museum of the Kehrer publishing house brought out a book that bears a quote from the art and culture critic David Levi Strauss on the Sleeve of the German edition: “The most celebrated and least known photographer of her time”, he called Levitt.

First published in 1939,

In its approximately 60-year career, Levitt with black-and-started-and-white photography, was one of the First to put on color film, and filmed as well. After discontinuation of high school, Levitt was a Studio for photo portraits in the Bronx, where she learned the technical requirements for the Photograph. Helen Levitt bought in 1936, a used Leica, and equipped it with a angle finder. That allowed her to photograph relatively unnoticed on the street. Their first release was in July 1939, when the magazine “Fortune” brought out a special issue about New York. In the following year, their photos in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) had one. Were scanned three masked children preparing for their Halloween parade.

Henri Cartier-Bresson learned to Levitt, to look at photography as an art and not only as a means of social injustice to be noted. Her first Solo exhibition in the MoMA, you had to see in 1943, with “Photographs Of Children”, in the on the road the end of the game children. At that time, the whole of life to the citizens took place dough, there was neither a television nor air conditioning.

in Spite of all its publications Levitt has commented on your own Work often. “If it was easy to talk about it, I would be an author,” said you to talk about your dislike on your images. “I’m speechless, I Express myself with images.”

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