In January and February toured Dieter Köhler German talk shows, and TV shows. Sometimes unchallenged he spread for weeks, a Thesis that the conservative Transport policy-makers and the car lobby as a gift from God occurred must be: There is no “scientific justification” for the applicable particulate matter and nitrogen oxide limits. About 100 lung doctors and a former Daimler-engine developers supported him. Scientists who were of a different view, he described with a conspiratorial undertone as members of a powerful group, expecting for so long, until you get the desired results.

Well, it turns out: Koehler has been charged. A number of occasions. The Emeritus Professor of respiratory medicine was compared to the taz.the daily newspaper. And to adopt instead now of his positions or at least to be contrite, it was reported in the taz, he praised the Reporter: “you hang right in.” Here, the the made had to recalculate what would have been his task: as a precaution, dear, three times (something that should make the author of this article at an early stage would have, because the data are not published in a reviewed scientific magazine).

One of the Mantras köhler, smoker (one pack/day) cigarette record in less than two months, the same dose of nitrogen oxide (NOx) such as no Smoking in a whole life. NOx would really be so harmful, said Koehler, would have to drop a smoker after the other dead. Only that’s not true. Because the amount of NOx, the people, the normal breathing polluted air, in 80 years, is much higher. It corresponds to, such as the taz, calculates that, depending on the progress of acceptance of Smoking from six to 32 years.

Köhler has never really scientifically and in the longer term, with the effect, or the epidemiology of air pollutants. From the beginning, he was isolated in a professionally – many of the responses of national and international experts, and the fact show that of the nearly 4,000 members of the German society for pneumology just over 100 Pamphlet sign wanted. The President of the Swiss Federal Commission for air hygiene, and Professor at the Public Health Institute in Basel, Nino Künzli, for example, said in January that the paper lacked “any scientific basis, and the argumentative coherence”. The authors of the “understanding of the limits of own expertise is lacking”.

A Professor who takes his title of miss

köhler’s Position was from the scientists resist learning so well. The fact, however, that he has charged more than once, is so absurd as to be shocking. Because it shows that Köhler was looking for the big stage, without checking its own data base. When asked about this, he told the taz that he was now an annuity once, all alone, and I have no Secretary, who can check the Figures. For every scientist, and every scientist who seeks the truth and properly his or her work, this must be a slap in the face. Science thrives on absolute accuracy.

The Episode is allowed to get angry. Köhler has abused his authority miss. He would not be the “lung doctor” and “Professor” that he is, who would have listened then. Most citizens cannot distinguish between a real expert and someone like Koehler. It is also not your task. You should be able, therefore, to rely on people, the title of Professor to carry the responsibilities of this role are aware of – as is usually the case.

professors embody the science. If you have to handle, such as Köhler traditional scientific way – for example, journals in which their arguments of colleagues are tested before they are published, without serious Foundation paradigms and the integrity of other scientists questioning, are you serious harm. You damage the Reputation of science and to all those who sincerely strive after knowledge. You weaken the trust in science and thus an important part of the Foundation of our society.

does that help? Only those who want to need the science as a political tool. People who claim that the truth is always a matter of perspective. Köhler has made it with his irresponsibility easier.

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