The development of the Internet has affected all business industries – including marketing. Although, when talking about marketing, we may think of traditional forms of advertising, like TV commercials and billboards – digital marketing is the one in which the most has been invested in recent years. Consequently, some new professions emerged from it.

And who are the experts in digital marketing? They are very famous and popular in their fields of work – and their careers are rich and serve as inspiratifon for many.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes all activities to promote your business – or the products and services you offer through digital channels. These channels can be different, for example, websites, social networks, e-mail, paid search engine ads- as well as display advertising, native advertising, and SEO or search engine optimization.

The rapid growth of digital marketing began only after 2010 when marketing experts realized that this was a much more cost-effective way of advertising.  It is so because it allows us better cost control through self-budgeting. However, we can also use and control targeting capabilities, personalizing ads, measuring results – and optimizing online campaigns. To put it more simply: In digital marketing, you know who you spent money on and how – and whether it will pay off.

Source: Acquisition International

A Career In Digital Marketing

Once you step into the interesting world of digital marketing, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of areas. This is an industry that requires a passionate approach and an endless desire to learn.

For a start, the most important thing is to surround yourself with professional, interesting, and quality individuals – and talk to colleagues and learn from them. If you’ve had the opportunity to talk to people who are employed in digital marketing so far – you’ve probably had trouble remembering all the names, titles, and occupations they mentioned to you. In the next few years, many more occupations related to this form of advertising will appear on the scene and it will not stop there.

Over time, you’ll see if you’re more attracted to the world of SEO optimization, Google Analytics, social networking, online content creation – or something that’s yet to emerge in the future.

Most Popular Digital Marketing Experts To Follow

Remember, this is an industry that is constantly evolving – and only the gods of digital marketing know where the end is. And who are the gods of digital marketing? There are many of them and they have built successful careers – and managed to lift the digital campaign to the next level. It is difficult to list all the people who have achieved remarkable success in their digital marketing sectors. However, for this occasion, we have singled out 5 of them.

1. Steven Bartlett

Source: Virgin StartUp

If you are interested in social media, trends, or business advice – then you probably know the name, Steven Bartlett. The 28-year-old is the CEO and founder of Social Chain. It is one of the largest digital agencies that today has its offices in the United States, Australia, Great Britain – as well as other European countries. This guy’s blog and podcast are very popular – just like the books Love and Success and Happy Sexy Millionaire.

2. Jo Saunders

Source: Business Station

All of you who are networked on LinkedIn know very well who Jo Saunders is. This lady is a famous LinkedIn marketing expert – but also a great marketing strategist, and trainer. Today, she is perhaps most famous for being able to demystify the LinkedIn network through her online training workshops.

Besides, this lady works as a mentor to both individuals and companies. Her very popular blog offers you the opportunity to learn a lot about the professional significance of your presence on the LinkedIn network. With her guidance, you can improve many of your skills – and position yourself better on the LinkedIn network.

3. Ann Handley

Source: Craft of Marketing

Do you want to position yourself better as a content writer? In that case, Ann Handley’s blog is an unavoidable lesson for you. One of the pioneers of digital business is also the best-selling author of the Wall Street Journal. Still, this is not all Ann deals with. Namely, this lady was one of only 7 people whom IBM declared among the people who shaped modern marketing. Also, she is the world’s first content director! Impressive career and constant work are the qualities that Ann Handley has.

4. Brian Solis

Source: Rock Content

Although he is an anthropologist by vocation, and a futurist by his beliefs – today, Brian Solis is one of the greatest spokesmen for social media. Namely, he is one of those who considers social media as the driving force of people – that changes our society on a global level. Solis is also a multi-award-winning author, but also a successful blogger and digital analyst. Moreover, in this industry, he is considered one of the best digital analysts of the modern age.

5. Katie King

Source: Branding in Asia Magazine

In recent years, the field of AI development has expanded to almost all spheres – so the presence of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is not a surprise. One of the first to join the fight for the advancement and development of AI in digital marketing – is Katie King. King is the executive director of the digital agency Zoodikers – but she also works in a position in the AI marketing advisory board based in London. Also, King is the author of several books dealing with digital transformation – and the impact of AI in digital marketing. With decades of experience in this business, she has also worked as a consultant for many of the world’s leading brands and companies.


Although success in digital marketing does not come overnight – it is still possible to achieve it faster than before. In the old, traditional marketing business – you had to wait for an internship position in some big company. In the modern world of digital marketing, it is possible to start your own career – without stepping into the workplace. If you want to stand out in the crowd like these successful people – invest some time in creating your own brand.

Create the content on your Instagram or Facebook profile that people will love, write blogs that will be read – and participate in expert conversations. Follow the work of digital marketing experts who know the secret of success in this business. Learn from them – and choose the job that will mark the future.