After complaints about delayed letters, and other annoyances of a merger of the Post-critics, adopts the working procedures of the Bonn group under the magnifying glass.

A so-called run-time measurement is to take a year and findings of whether or not the Deutsche Post has quality problems with the mail delivery. The method will be presented in Düsseldorf.

According to the law, 80 percent of the letters the next, and 95 percent must be shipped on the next working day. This requirement shall apply only for universal post, especially to private post. Corporate clients however, on the Basis of discussions with the Post on the assumption that the positive run-time values are valid. Whether or not such a good term-are real values but, because the company’s customers have some strong doubts.

is transported quickly and reliably, the business post and delivered, is not yet clear – there have only been studies for the private post. The but to Post information only about 15 percent of the total shipment volume.

The business mail and to the remaining 85 percent, there are no detailed insights. That should change now – the “German Association for Post, information technology and telecommunications” (DVPT) at 1. March, the run-time measurement start, it is to be completed by the end of March 2024. Deutsche Post questioned the validity of the new study.

For years, more and more citizens to the competent regulatory authority, the Federal network Agency, complain about defects in the Post-delivery. In the past year, there were 12 615 complaints to the post the area of the Federal network Agency, and thus more than twice as many as in 2017 (6100). A good half of the comments were related to the transport and delivery of letters, also parcels and Store-opening Hours. In 2016, in turn, there were a total of only 4015 complaints.

The DVPT can understand the criticism and accuses the group a total of poorer quality and less reliability of delivery.

However, the rise in complaints is in part also due to the fact that this is a possibility for criticism is now well-known than in the past. The network Agency is in the investigation of the DVPT in the same boat – you want to use the collected data later, in order to make an accurate picture of the work of the Post. “We expect additional information to be able to the quality of the letter transport in Germany, more precisely analyze,” said a network Agency spokesman.

Deutsche Post calls into question whether the investigation will bring significant new findings. “We doubt that the run-time measurement of the DVPT is more powerful than the since many years well-proven procedure that is certified by the TPV,” said a group spokesman. In this connection, he referred to the studies on the private post, by an external company. This procedure is TÜV-certified. This speaker was the last to have been determined that 93 percent of the private post the next working day at the recipient, the Post.



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