according to A study, the effects of passive drinking for babies figures have been so far moderately underestimated. In the journal BMC Medicine, scientists from the Munich Institute for therapy research (IFT) write that in the year 2014 in Germany, more than 12,500 children with a Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) to the world. Including almost 3,000 with a Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), the full expression of the disorder.

children with FASD and FAS are part of short stature and have abnormalities in the face. Their motor skills are limited, they show disturbances in behavior, memory functions, attention and learning ability.

The researchers had evaluated in addition to the international overview studies a study of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, which was based on interviews of mothers. Thus, were born out of 10,000 children, 177 with FASD. The researchers counted the number of 715.000 births in Germany. “For Germany, the Figures have been underestimated so far”, said the head of the Institute of IFT, Ludwig Kraus. Here, FAS and FASD are not even the only possible consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

The number of people Affected is difficult to capture, since the development of lesions would often not identified until later. Because the diseases are not reportable, there are no statistics. “There are a lot of FAS or FASD cases are not detected. Many children have the disorder, but they are not diagnosed as having these disorders,” said Kraus. While it is likely to not pay by increasing the case, because alcohol consumption seems to be declining in Germany, said Kraus. Nevertheless, he called for more prevention.


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