for the First time in the history of space travel could put a probe on the far side of the moon: the landing of The Chinese probe Chang’e 4 is scheduled for this Thursday. The the Chinese TV station CGTN reported. The Chinese space Agency announced to date no official date.

In 2013, the first Chinese space probe had achieved with Chang’e 3 on the moon and a Rover exposed. So far, such a robotic vehicle is landed but never on the side of the moon that faces away from the earth permanently. On 7. December had brought a carrier rocket, the probe, Chang’e 4.

No radio connection to the earth

the success of The Mission, however, is not certain. The difficulties are according to observers, especially in the country of maneuvers: The terrain on the moon’s back is less flat than on the earth-facing side. Also, communication is a challenge: on The back side of the moon there is no direct wireless connection can be made. This Problem is trying to get around China with a transmission satellite that is solely for this purpose in the orbit of the moon sent. Yu Guobin, a spokesman for the space programme, said the Chinese state-run television: “The whole process is quite complicated and it will be a lot of risks.”

used As a landing site, it is provided according to information from Chinese media, the Aitken crater, which is named after the American astronomer Robert Grant Aitken. After the arrival of Chang’e 4, a robot vehicle to examine the ground and the structures that surround the landing point,. The Rover is equipped with a panoramic camera and various measuring devices.

The Chinese government has an ambitious space program followed: by 2030, for the first time to land a Chinese Astronaut, or an astronaut on the moon. And in the coming year, the Mission Chang’e 5 moon could bring rocks back to earth. Chang’e is in Greek mythology the Name of the goddess of the moon.


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