Until today, the myths series, plenty of cats. A cat in France, dressing up with the paw behind the ears, it is raining soon. Crosses a black cat’s path is bad luck. A cat sneeze in Italy, it brings happiness. The Celts and Germanic tribes used a special cult of their cats: they worshiped the tiger as the animals of the gods, and even wrote love songs for you. In the middle ages, however, people cats hated each other formally. They thought that cats can turn into witches and burned them at the stake.

luckily, has expanded the Knowledge of the people in the last centuries. In German households today, about 13 million cats. They are considered independent animals that have a mind of its own. Nevertheless, you need affection, so what, the images from the VIEW photo community for part of reflect.

light and shadow

One of the pictures of the VIEW Community of photographers in common: they appear at first glance to be very controversial. In some moments they seem like snapshots that were randomly captured by the owner and tiger. So, for example, in the kitchen, in the common milk drink, in bed or cuddling on the floor. Cat and their owners are perfectly set in scene – the part in rather erotic positions. Light and shadow play no unimportant roles.

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