With the first warm rays of the sun has dared to mönchengladbach white Roebuck from his winter hiding place. A Hobby-photographer shot the animal on Saturday in a town near the forest. The Roebuck in the sun on the fur seem as if the animal friend was stalking.

The animal is well apparently, said the spokesman of the circle of hunters Mönchengladbach, Dirk Brauner. A genetic defect is probably the reason that his fur was pigments without color and therefore white. “RP Online” had initially reported.

to shoot The deer to bring bad luck

Since the Winter of 2017/18, it is known that the buck lives in the forest. The animal was between two and three years old and still with his “jump” on the go. Including hunter deer understand groups, which close before the Winter.

White deer to die, according to Brown, often very young. You can cloak, and be for predators as easy prey. Exactly where the buck lives, does not want to betray the KJS for the protection of the animal. Among hunters of the code, not to shoot such special animals. A but to bring misfortune to believe.

epp / DPA


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