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Gambling has been around for centuries. Greek mythology consists of numerous legends that speak of gods and how they decided who would be the god of the sky, sea, or underworld. It seems that they decided on that based on the draw. On the other hand, in the earthly world, people used dice made of animal bones, the throwing of which was a popular pastime that required different roles.

We will not go into prehistory, but we will look at the data when the first betting shop was opened and how the industry worth billions today has actually developed. And in order to get an answer to the question when the first bookmaker was opened, we will start from the very beginning…

The Beginning of the Fun

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Before the beginning of the Victorian era, bets were placed exclusively by men on the basis of the so-called gentlemen’s agreement. It was usually a direct bet with no odds. Even when one of them won the bet, he never knew whether his winnings would pay off or not.

The betting process itself did not become easier during the 1800s. The earliest bookmakers were often illegal, and those that were legal were under the watchful eye of the law. That law allowed betting only on tracks that were licensed for this activity at the time.

However, in the ‘60s of the last century, the biggest change took place in terms of bookmakers and betting on sports events. This type of gambling was finally regulated, which resulted in the rise of betting. Internet betting was a logical sequence of circumstances and this type of betting was actually the one that brought success that is measured in billions.

Harry Ogden – The Man Who First Understood the Essence of Betting

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Great Britain is the country where the first official bookmaker was established. At the end of the 18th century, that is, in 1795, a man named Harry Ogden opened the first betting shop, which was located right next to the race track. Why did he open a bookmaker there?

Because it allowed him and his customers to watch horse races, but also not to be disturbed by the owners. Very quickly, Harry realized that not all horses have the same chance, so he set different odds. For the first time, the players had the opportunity to bet tactically and to reach a fine amount of money with the help of their bets. The art of betting was born and gambling or betting was never the same again. The concept of offering odds for sporting events will later be extended to other events, and will even lead to political elections.

In an effort to prevent and discourage this type of activity, in 1845 the Gaming Act was introduced, which limited all forms of gambling to racetracks. This law did not provide any legal protection to bookmakers or bettors. This was so that the police would have more control over the working class, and at the same time, the upper class and the elite would have the right to gamble. It goes without saying that the working class was furious and dissatisfied. However, even this law failed to prevent the rise and development of bookmakers.

Opening of Bookmakers as We Know Them Today

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Although we answered the question when the first bookmaker opened, it is important to emphasize when the bookmakers we know today opened. Namely, a great turning point in the world of bookmakers happened in 1961, when bookmakers were opened as separate facilities.

Horse races and dog races were not the only events that people could place bets on.

Finally, football, one of the most popular sports in the world, was on the betting list, along with rugby, basketball, and cricket. There has been a dramatic change in the betting industry. All this contributed to the expansion of bookmakers, which opened in incredible numbers on a weekly basis. About 100 bookmakers opened every week in the UK, and by the end of the year, there was a total of 10,000 bookmakers across the country.

The UK was dominated by Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, and Betfred bookmakers, as well as Paddy Power in Ireland. These are bookmakers that still dominate this industry today.

Over the years, sports betting has become one of the most common forms of entertainment in all parts of the world.

Online Betting – The Pinnacle of This Industry

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With the development of technology, there have been great shifts, so now we have the opportunity to place bets with the help of the Internet. It had a huge impact on the betting business. The availability of all information has contributed to the inclusion of online betting in the daily activities of passionate bettors.

Now we finally have the ability to check odds, statistics, and chances while on the go with the help of mobile phones or laptops. Online bookmakers offer many betting options, and players can be sure that they will get the best odds with their help. The most popular of them can be found here and you will see that these online bookmakers offer you a handful of great odds at all times that will lead you to your goal – that is, to the gain.