today Sex is for many people easier than ever before. But while the most well-informed how you can prevent, the Knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases is patchy. The issue is associated with shame. TIME ONLINE is devoted to, therefore in a Safer-Sex-focus on the question: How can I stay in the Sex healthy? Because Sex should be beautiful, but also safe.

What is a Femidom? And I need this leak wipes really? Can be transmitted during lesbian Sex HIV? And I may have Syphilis without realizing it? Clearly, at least since the sex education or the Bravo, we feel enlightened all of us. Surveys around the topic of Safer Sex but the result is always: There are gaps in knowledge. Risks, of which many are not aware of, or Fears, which turn out to be unfounded. You might also want to not speak. Therefore, the TIME wanted to know from you: What questions on the topic of sexual health you are dealing with?

Werner Bock explained © Ann-Kristin Tlusty for TIME, ONLINE

Out of hundreds of submissions, we have selected 48 of the questions with which we, Werner Bock, the head of the telephone and online advice to the German AIDS help, visited. Most of the questions he remained calm: Yes, of course, Sex should be safe, but above all, he should remain a pleasure. It is important to know when to be careful. But those who keep thinking just because something is “capture”, and quickly lose interest. With this in mind, click here to read his answers to your questions:

selection customize Less Can I get a show by Petting sexually transmitted diseases? “User Cece from: User/Cece

Can I become infected with sexually transmitted diseases, when I touch the Partner with the Hand to me and then to the sex parts touching? Can I get by Petting or fingers to sexually transmitted diseases, or transferred?

answer from the experts:

Petting and fingers represent in relation to HIV is not a risk. Transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases cannot be ruled out at the Petting, but not very likely – and no reason to make yourself crazy.

How can I let go in bed? “User/sexually hypochondriac by: User/sexually hypochondriac

According to my partner I’m a Safe-Sex-hypochondriac. How can I let go in bed?

answer from the experts:

you Probably have a great fear of every little thing to catch something. The first step would be to inform about infection risks and protection possibilities. Then you will know, for example, that HIV is a hard-to-transmittable Virus.

In some people, the Information does not contribute to a relief. You should make extreme Worry, which may affect your (Sex)life, and might as well be a sex advice useful.

I had more than a year ago is a kind of Romance. “Users/travel-fever by: User/travel-fever

I had more than a year ago is a kind of Romance. We kissed, then I gave him a Blowjob. Because I had no experience and I also no more have thought, I swallowed his cum. A friend told me later that you can also be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Is that true?

answer from the experts:

It is extremely unlikely that you were infected through a contact with HIV.

Various other sexually transmitted diseases are, however, about oral sex transferable. A gonorrhea or a chlamydia infection can be transferred from the urethra to the throat, there is but (only) is usually harmless and disappears after weeks by itself. You should have been infected with this way is the infection, so a long time now.

During oral sex you can infect people with Hepatitis B. With a vaccination against Hepatitis B can be prevented.

How to get rid of the clap? “User/in the Crack Johnson by: User Crack Johnson

How to get rid of the clap?

answer from the experts:

By going to the doctor and antibiotics can be prescribe. Then to get rid of is the clap.

Is it realistic, when you oral sex to catch something? “User Javi from: User Javi

Is it realistic, when you oral sex to catch something, or is it individual cases? Are woman and man at risk?

answer from the experts:

Yes, it is possible that the oral sex with a venereal disease to infect. However, it is far less likely than Vaginal or anal sex without a condom.

HIV is not the issue. It is only individual cases are known, in which a HIV-infection who have a proven oral sex has taken place.

A Herpes infection is, however, possible. You could say: Herpes is always. Herpes you can get with the Kissing. Sex without touch is and that’s why you can’t protect yourself from everything.

gonorrhea and chlamydia you can get through oral sex. If these bacteria colonize for a few weeks, the throat, you can usually tell nothing, is not sick. The bacteria disappear after a time. A Transfer of the bacteria to the urethra of the Partner during oral sex, however, is from the pharynx.

Transmission of Syphilis during oral sex is possible, but it plays in the heterosexual population as well as no role.

all in All, the risks during oral sex are manageable. Condoms are therefore not required. Exception: in the case of Sex-for-sale. There we advise the use of condoms, even during oral sex.

does it make a difference whether I blow or looking forward to many? “User/Lisa C.: User/Lisa C.

it Makes the oral sex is a difference, whether I blow or looking forward to many?

answer from the experts:

If during oral sex cumshots / sperm in the mouth, we would advise you to get the sperm quickly from the mouth, in order to reduce the small risk of HIV in the bubbles. The blow that is to say: spit it out. When deep Throat swallow goes faster – as if you are choking the sperm laboriously through the mouth from back to front. The esophagus is coarse and in the stomach of the viruses are inactivated.

Can I become infected by Kissing? “User ögim from: User ögim

I Can infect me by Kissing with sexually transmitted diseases?

answer from the experts:

no, Kissing is a sure thing. Only Exception: Cold Sores. The have, however, made almost all people in their youth, and this can hardly be avoided.

What is the Ill to a venereal disease of the Psyche? “Safe007 of Safe007

What is the Ill to a venereal disease of the Psyche?

answer from the experts:

The majority of STDs are easily treatable, so there is usually no great mental strain.

unlike the case in HIV. A diagnosis of HIV is, for most people, the first time is also a great mental stress. With the HIV infection is a condition has occurred that cannot be undone. It must be processed.

Medical is HIV today well treatable, it can also be used with HIV alt. The challenges are today rather the discrimination and stigma faced by people living with HIV.

the other day I was in the Swingers club. “User Unschuldsengel28 from: User Unschuldsengel28

the other day I was in the Swingers club. A woman was only several men a Blowjob and then me. Suppose that one of the men had a non-visible venereal disease – would you be able to set myself on fire then?

answer from the experts:

In terms of HIV there is no risk. Other STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or Syphilis can be passed over a Blowjob, however, from the throat of the woman in your urethra.

however, an infection is more likely when the woman already has an existing infection of the pharynx or a syphilis ulcer is in the mouth of a blow job, several days back. A passing over of the previously satisfied men this evening is unlikely.

if you notice symptoms such as discharge or Burning during urination, consult a doctor. You should have Sex more often with different partners, we recommend to regularly for sexually transmitted diseases testing. You can have these Tests with a doctor, at public health offices or at the Check-Points of AIDS.

Why do I have to wait after the event for six weeks, so the HIV Test is reasonably safe? “User/Marek: User/Marek

Why do I have to wait after the event for six weeks, so the HIV Test is reasonably safe?

answer from the experts:

you do not need to Wait. If you have become infected with HIV, shows a normal HIV laboratory test in the rule, after two to three weeks of a positive result. In rarer cases, it may take a little longer, in very rare for more than four weeks. A positive test result at this time is quite safe (if it is confirmed by another Test).

a negative result is to questions but now, when. And because of the few cases in which the antibody formation takes longer, is the rule that a negative result is only after six weeks of sure negative.

Am I at risk if I take sex work? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

Am I at risk if I take sex work?

answer from the experts:

no, if you follow certain rules, you are not at risk: Anal, Vaginal and oral sex with a condom. So that you are protected not only against HIV, but also to a high degree, before other sexually transmitted diseases.

How hygienic anal sex? “User Deadpool: User/Deadpool

How hygienic anal sex? It is a Problem, if the Penis penetrates during anal intercourse in the Vagina?

answer from the experts:

You can intestinal bacteria procrastinate in the Vagina. The balance of the natural bacterial colonization in the Vagina of a mess. Some women don’t get quickly a fungal infection or a bacterial imbalance (vaginosis), and others.

I had anal sex with a man who had a chlamydia infection. “User Clara from: User Clara

I once had anal sex with a man who had a chlamydia infection. I’ve Long been a inflammation in the rectum – can there be a connection?

answer from the experts:

Yes. Inflammation in the rectum can have several reasons. One of them is a chlamydia infection at the anal brought. The diagnosis is simple: A swab with a cotton swab is sufficient. The therapy is straightforward: After a week of antibiotics, the chlamydia are away. You can let the doctor, at the Doctor, anonymously in the health office or at the Checkpoint of an AIDS study.

Can be used to transmit chlamydia by Kissing? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

How high is the risk of chlamydia, which can be not using condoms? Can chlamydia be transferred by Kissing, Oral or anal sex?

answer from the experts:

chlamydia is not transmitted by Kissing. The oral Transmission is possible, but in the throat chlamydia are actually any damage. However, you can infect from there back to the urethra of the partner or the partner.

Vaginal or anal intercourse without a condom is the most common mode of Transmission for chlamydia. There, they lead to inflammation. The good news is that chlamydia infections are good to be treatable with antibiotics.

it Can be through anal sex pregnant? “User lepa1011 from: User lepa1011

How dangerous is unprotected anal sex? And you can be pregnant?

answer from the experts:

Through anal sex, you can’t be pregnant. In the case of unprotected anal sex you can get, however, all the possible sexual diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, gonorrhea or chlamydia. Therefore, we recommend that in the case of unknown sexual partners with condoms.

What is the contagion risk for me, if the Ex of my boyfriend has an HPV infection? “User Anja from: User Anja

What is the contagion risk for me as a woman, when the Ex of my boyfriend is tested positive for HPV, he has but so far no symptoms?

answer from the experts:

HPV infections are widespread. In the course of our sexual life, we often have contact with HPV. The fact that the Ex of your friend, a human papillomavirus infection was found, so nothing out of the ordinary.

HPV infection often occurs without symptoms. Therefore, it is possible that your friend had an HPV infection, and perhaps to you.

The majority of HPV infections heal without consequences, but not all. Therefore, early detection is for women inquirieschung for cervical cancer is important.

children and young people today are vaccinated on health insurance costs against HPV. Whether or not a vaccination for you is out of the question, please discuss with your doctor or health care professional.

How do I protect myself against HPV infection? “User Mona from: User Mona

How do I protect myself against HPV infection? Is it true that HPV is transmitted with a high probability, if I use a condom?

answer from the experts:

The best protection against an HPV-infection is vaccination. In order to protect against approximately 90 percent of the HPV strains of the Virus.

The second best protection is the condom. The protective effect with respect to HPV depends on what you are doing. For easy in-Out game, the protection is almost perfect. Come cuddle and RUB and poke – HPV is transmitted via close contact – and then HPV is transmitted “on the condom over”. For this reason, children and young people should be nowadays vaccinated against HPV.

The more sex partners you have had in life, the more contact you had tribes to some of the over a hundred different HPV. And the less the vaccination be of any use. But it can be quite useful, can also be used as a (young) adult still vaccinate. You have to pay for the vaccination, then, unfortunately, mostly. You discuss this with your doctor or health care professional.

How high is the risk that I’ll infect my partner once again with HPV? “Users/Rüdiger von: Users/Rüdiger

My partner had to undergo surgery after a HPV infection. How high is the risk that I slap you again? Should I now always use condoms?

answer from the experts:

cell changes in the cervix occur after a very long-existing HPV infection that is not healed alone. With this HPV strain that led to the cell change, you have probably had both contact.

condoms don’t need to use it.

I Can infect my sexual partner with genital herpes, if I have a Herpes on the mouth? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

Can I infect my sex partner or my sexual partner with genital herpes if I have oral sex with her while I have a Herpes on the mouth?*

answer from the experts:

Yes. Herpes from the mouth can be transmitted to the Genital and Vice versa. Herpes type 1 is regarded as a so-called cold sores and Herpes type 2 genital herpes because they are usually to be found there. But it also goes the other way, ultimately, is the virus no matter where you sit.

you Can test fully on all sorts of sexual diseases? “User Lisa from: User Lisa

I have a new partner and wants you to be the first check. On what diseases they should get tested? Can you test fully on all sorts of sexual diseases? There are points of contact that do this for free?

answer from the experts:

It may make sense to let certain points in time, once through check-in. For example, if you enter into a relationship. Or if you had in the last time many Dating. It is a good rule of thumb, once a year to test, if you have many different sex partners. The rule would then be to suggest the following test for HIV, Syphilis, chlamydia and gonococcus (gonorrhea):.

to test, you can go to any health Department or to the Checkpoint of AIDS. Some health offices and test centres offer the test free of charge, in all other Places you have to pay for the Tests. A Test on the four above-mentioned kinds of infections for a cost of around 25 €.

Why can you transfer HIV vaginal, but oral not? “User/telemarker from: User telemarker

Why can you transfer HIV vaginal, but oral not? It is, however, both to mucous membranes.

answer from the experts:

mucosa is not just skin mucus. The mucous membrane of the mouth is much more robust than the mucous membrane in the Vagina. You must be able to withstand more: hot and spicy food, high-proof drinks.

in addition, is diluted in the mouth, the virus-containing fluid (semen or vaginal secretions) through the saliva. And the liquid remains only briefly in the mouth (the duration of the contact time is critical to a viral infection) and is then swallowed. The esophagus is rude and secure against viruses, in the stomach they will be destroyed by the hydrochloric acid.

How well the pre-exposure prophylaxis work? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

How well the pre-exposure prophylaxis work?

answer from the experts:

For pre-exposure prophylaxis, a short-Prep, HIV-negative people, either daily or before and after sexual contact with an HIV drug to protect against infection with HIV. When applied correctly, the Prep protects very well against HIV infection.

Before you start with a Prep, you have to have a doctor who prescribes the Prep on private prescription, advise. Before Prep is started, Tests on a HIV-infection and other sexually transmitted diseases is required, including the Kidneys must be checked regularly. The Tests are carried out every three months.

to swallow The Prep means more than just a few tablets. Nevertheless, it can be for some people a very good way to protect themselves from HIV.

you Can get in the Sauna with chlamydia or genital warts? “User/Rocci by: User/Rocci

you Can get on the toilet, in the Sauna or in the swimming pool with chlamydia or genital warts? How long viruses or bacteria that cause STDs can survive in the environment? Sufficient contact with the skin? Or need to be replaced for a transmission of body fluids?

answer from the experts:

no. A Transfer to the toilet or the Sauna is not possible.

viruses and bacteria can be in the environment for a very long infectious. But that does not matter. Because the key is always whether or not you get a sufficient amount of pathogens in the body or on the mucous membrane.

The statement “I have it brought to me on the toilet” is a common, but very poor excuse of a partner or Partner.

What should I be aware of when dealing with sex toys? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

What should I be aware of when dealing with sex toys?

answer from the experts:

is sufficient to Thoroughly wash with soap and dry. If you like, you can then use a disinfectant. You should note the exposure time.

If it is quickr has to go, so if you share the sex Toy in group sex, you should pull a new condom on the sex Toy before inserting it to another Person.

What’s New on the market for safe Sex? “User female pleasure by: User female pleasure

What’s New on the market for safe Sex?

answer from the experts:

The condom is certainly the most common protection, in order to protect themselves from HIV. For women, there is the Femidom, which is inserted by the woman into the vagina and the Penis absorbs.

The new way to protect themselves from HIV, is the pre-Expo investment-prophylaxis (Prep). HIV-negative people taking HIV medication in order to protect themselves against HIV infection. The Prep is a prescription drug, a medical escort is necessary.

And what many people don’t know: people with HIV who received drug therapy, can pass the Virus on to another Person. Also, as a result, the Sex is safe.

How do I find my correct condom size? “User/in safer sex by: a User/safe sex

How do I find my correct condom size? What should I look for? What do I do if a handful of brands and stores carry my size at all?

answer from the experts:

If you are using the correct condom size in shops not to find, the Internet is certainly a good Alternative.

Our tip: Try out different condom sizes time alone. The next Sexdate then take the condoms that are the best fit for them.

when should I use a Femidom? “User/Anna_K: User/Anna_K

when should I use a Femidom? It is just as safe as the condom for the man?

answer from the experts:

A Femidom is an Alternative, if at the man the erection is fragile and with the condom wears off. For some women, the use of the Femidom also means more control over the protection. Used correctly, Femidoms achieve a similar protection such as condoms.

Protects a condom during vaginal sex in front of all diseases? “User Giolai from: User Giolai

Protects a condom during vaginal sex in front of all diseases?

answer from the experts:

Like everywhere in life, there are in Sex no hundred percent protection. The condom protects reliably against HIV infection and also reduces the possibility of other sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia or gonorrhea infect.

Absolute security does not exist in life. You can be run over by the green traffic light, or a roof tile falls on the way to work on the head. Nevertheless, you have to go out of the house. So, if the condom does not protect absolutely, especially, I wish you, that you can enjoy the Sex, despite the minimum possible risks.

In which sexual practice, the risk of Infection with Hepatitis at the highest? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

In which sexual practice is the risk of Infection with Hepatitis is the highest?*

answer from the experts:

There are several forms of Hepatitis. The most important of these are Hepatitis A, B and C.

Hepatitis A is mainly fecal-oral route (i.e. from the gut or feces in the mouth), transfer (Rimming/Licking the butt crack).

Hepatitis B can be transmitted in various sexual practices is relatively easy, the Virus is fluids in many body.

Against Hepatitis A and B protects the vaccination, which carries with it for people whose sex life is a high risk of infection, is covered by health insurance.

Against Hepatitis C there is no vaccination, the infection is, however, rarely during Sex and, particularly, in intravenous drug transfer use.

I would like to deal with someone in a relationship, and genital herpes. “User/Pia W.: User/Pia / W.

I would like to deal with someone in a relationship, and genital herpes. The Herpes had occurred two years ago at the pubic bone. It is likely that my Partner will get the next outbreak is also at this point Herpes? Can be the virus to other parts of the body – and can be, for example, via Kissing and sperm transferred? How can I protect myself right? Would help a cling film over the pubis as a physical barrier? Antiviral drugs do not want to take my Partner.

answer from the experts:

most of The people had, especially on the lip – once the Herpes. Since the virus life in the nerve to sit, which supply this area of skin, it can also lead to a resurgence of the infection (relapse). The selection of their sexual partners would be very low, if you would all avoid with a history of herpes infection. As long as your Partner does not have more often a relapse, we see no Problem, and then also anti not eligible viral drugs. We do not advise the use of cling film – this simply is not practical.

Infectious is the contact with the inflamed skin and sores. In the sperm itself is not a Herpes is. The typical mode of Transmission for cold sores is Kissing! Unfortunately, not all young people have to go through it in life is painful. Also oral sex Herpes is transmitted, the virus is difficult to distinguish between lips and labia.

I have genital herpes. “User/Nene: User/Nene

I have genital herpes. So far it was uncomfortable, but no Problem. I didn’t want to have Sex, when it broke out. However, when my new Partner learned about it, he responded almost in a panic, in spite of prevention through condoms. And oral sex he refuses now. According to my Knowledge and in my experience, Herpes is only contagious when the outbreak became noticeable (i.e. before the bubbles come from). Is it true that after the outbreak is also no Safer Sex helps more?

answer from the experts:

herpes viruses are transmitted via direct contact. The extent to which condoms protect, depends on where on the Genital herpes sores will occur and if the condom covers this point. Overall, however, the protective effect of condoms are set as limits. As long as the acute relapse (infectious) with bubbles, avoiding most of the Sex anyway. A herpes infection is irritating and annoying, but not a broken leg. Your friend really seems to have a lot of anxiety – maybe it helps if you are a doctor or a Doctor advise?

What is HIV self-testing? “Users/Karl Marx: User/Karl Marx

Recently, the self-tests are available in German pharmacies HIV. What is important in these Tests? What Tests are recommended?

answer from the experts:

There are currently three approved Tests, which are from our point of view is also good and recommended: the Exacto, the Autotest VIH and the INSTITUTE. These self-tests are very reliable and easy to use. The manufacturers offer on their Websites also Videos as instructions.

We advise against the purchase of other Tests over the Internet. These are not approved in the EU and scrap.

What to consider: An HIV self-test detects the HIV Virus directly, but instead searches for the corresponding anti-bodies, the forms of the body until some time after HIV infection. Therefore, one can exclude the first twelve weeks after a risk situation, for certain, that one has been infected with HIV.

An HIV-positive result but can already occur. This must then be a further Test in the laboratory confirmed.

Is located in the vaginal secretions of an HIV-Positive the Virus? “User VonStrolch from: User VonStrolch

Located in the vaginal secretions of an HIV-Positive the Virus? And can I become infected if the Secretions with a wound that I have come in contact?

answer from the experts:

In the case of an HIV-positive woman who knows nothing of their infection and therefore not in treatment, is the Virus in vaginal secretions. An infection is on the mucous membrane of the Penis (foreskin, glans, urethra, input) possible, if no condom is used during Sex.

skin is a reliable barrier against HIV. On your Finger, or the Hand you are not able to infect. Wounds on the skin can be overestimated as a portal of Entry: scratches often, but it has infected no one.

Today are treated in Germany almost all people who know of their HIV infection, and can no longer pass on the infection, even when no condom is used.

when is a Condom? “User question of costs: the User in question doesn’t cost

If I’m already naked and with him rumknutsche, how close must his Penis in my Vagina? Should he overstay on a condom before he touched me? Short asked: when is condom mandatory?

answer from the experts:

It’s enough to pull the condom over the Penis before the man penetrates the Anus or the Vagina.

Dipping dangerous? “User/Lieta from: User Lieta

How dangerous it is, when you RUB the genitals exposed to each other, so, for example, Penis to Vagina? Dipping is dangerous?

answer from the experts:

The Rubbing of the Penis on the labia is about HIV not a problem, as long as glans and not the foreskin is more intense with the lips come in contact with. In case of contact or Penetration of the glans (Dipping) begins, the risk for HIV and for other sexually transmitted diseases. With a condom, you can prevent the.

genital piercings Increase the risk of Infection? “User Helmut from: User Helmut

What should I look for when I have a fresh tattoo Sex? Genital piercings increase the risk of Infection?

answer from the experts:

With a fresh tattoo you have a large area of infection Because no bacteria or viruses purely should, no matter whether it is the causative agent of a sexually transmitted disease or any other disease. During Sex, do not remove the cover or the Association. When the inflammation subsides, is also the increased risk of infection in the past.

the condom is not damaged by the genital piercing (if it is on the Penis), it’s not a Problem.

Need to make lesbians any thoughts? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

the sex education in the school, I felt prepared me to have Sex well – until I fell in love with mid 20’s suddenly turned into a woman and realized that lesbian Safer Sex was never on the curriculum. Need to make a lesbian at all, thoughts? A pregnancy is not possible, and HIV was treated in school as a subject of gay and heterosexual contacts. I’m confused. To ask my doctor, is out of the question – which had not been surprised enough, as I was on the pill.

answer from the experts:

HIV is lesbian really not a big issue: Only a relatively few lesbians are HIV-infected. Transmission is through oral intercourse is not possible, but a successively used Dildo that was not washed off and then a new condom pulled over it was.

Other venereal diseases (Herpes, HPV, gonorrhea, chlamydia) can be by oral sex, Rubbing genitals together, or successively used Sextoys transfer.

Some women use leak-cloths, others may find totally off putting. From our point of view, leak wipes are not required.

Should I use during oral sex absolutely leak wipes? “User/Ferrero: User/Ferrero

I keep reading about the towels again from the Leak. Honestly, that turns me off a little and confused me: Should I use during oral sex absolutely leak wipes to avoid the spread of HIV or other infections? I can’t understand, that leak wipes love you.

answer from the experts:

HIV you can’t get to the Lick. Against Hepatitis B you can get vaccinated. Everything else is from the effects manageable.

leak wipes are a way for people who have a very high need for protection. From our point of view, they are not required.

How high is the risk of contagion for the different sexually transmitted diseases? “User/Wayfarer: User Wayfarer

How high is the risk of contagion for the different sexually transmitted diseases?

answer from the experts:

risks of Contagion are in fact different. HIV is an example of a difficult-to-transmittable Virus. With condoms you can protect yourself very well against it.

gonorrhea, chlamydia or Syphilis are a little easier transferable and even with the use of condoms does not completely exclude.

Herpes and HPV are very easily transferable. Here contact enough intensive skin. According to low, the protective effect of condoms.

The probability of a Transmission depends still what sexual practice is exercised as intensely.

The more different sex partners a person has, the higher the probability of a venereal disease to infect. Many of the sexual partners we recommend regular testing, for example once a year.

How high is the probabilitythe rule of law, that I slap myself in unprotected oral sex with an HIV-positive man? “User Hawaiiano from: User Hawaiiano

what is the likelihood that I’ll infect me with unprotected oral sex with an HIV-positive man, if both partners are not hurt, and in the mouth is ejaculated? The risk, if he or she swallows increases?

answer from the experts:

If the man is under effective HIV therapy, there is no risk, even in the case of Vaginal and anal intercourse.

If the man has an untreated HIV infection, Vaginal and anal intercourse is a high risk. During oral intercourse with ejaculation, the risk is very low. This low risk can be minimize by keeping the contact time of sperm in the oral cavity is short and either immediately spit out or swallow (if Swallowing is, for example, when deep Throat quicker than Spit).

How often are gonorrhoea and Syphilis are asymptomatic? “Users/toomanysecrets of: Users/toomanysecrets

How often are gonorrhoea and Syphilis are asymptomatic?

answer from the experts:

clap: that depends on with whom and where.

gonorrhea in the urethra caused more than 90 percent of the men after a few days of severe symptoms, however, only half of the women. In the throat of gonorrhea causes symptoms almost never, can be transferred from there, but during oral sex the urethra of the Partner. In the rectum (after anal intercourse) makes the Tripper only sometimes, symptoms for 90 percent of the cases.

gonorrhea can be detected with a urine sample or a swab of the throat, the Anus or the Vagina.

In the case of Syphilis, it is different. The first ulcer, which is where the bacteria in the body are penetrated, is always there. But it is not always discovered, for example, if it sits in the rectum or deep in the vagina. And the second stage of Syphilis, when one has a fever and rash, is sometimes mistaken for an Allergy or any other infection. Syphilis can be detected with a blood test safe and easy.

What are sexually transmitted diseases can go unnoticed and without symptoms of bleeding and still deal damage? “Anonymous from: Anonymous

What sexually transmitted diseases can go unnoticed and without symptoms of bleeding and still deal damage?

answer from the experts:

All sexually transmitted diseases can be symptom-free or asymptomatic.

The Syphilis symptom-free stages, but when symptoms occur, these are not often recognized as Syphilis. Syphilis is through a blood test and easily detectable.

gonorrhea and chlamydia infections can also be asymptomatic, and then later in other bodies “ascend” and to inflammation and possibly infertility. Gonorrhea and chlamydia-infections in the intestines lead to inflammation of the intestinal wall, which remains almost always go unnoticed, but the likelihood of HIV infection increases.

Who has many sexual partners, is doing therefore well, and (for example once a year) to test. With a Blood sample for the Syphilis and HIV Test and a urine sample or swab (with cotton swab) for gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.

How regularly should for sexually transmitted diseases testing, if you have frequent partner changing gender? “Users/Mr. Pink: User/Mr. Pink

How regularly should for sexually transmitted diseases testing, if you have frequent partner changing gender?

answer from the experts:

In the case of frequently changing partners is an annual Test for HIV, Syphilis, chlamydia and gonococcus (gonorrhea). In the case of very many partners, Tests can be up to four times per year makes sense. At best it clarifies that, in a practice or counselling, for example, a Checkpoint of a AIDS. In case of symptoms (itching, Burning during urination, pain, skin rash, fever) should be immediately examined by your doctor.

Recently, I had mercilessly drunk Sex. “User asdfg from: User asdfg

Recently I had mercilessly drunk Sex. I have no idea whether I prevented it or not. Now what?

answer from the experts:

This question is not so rare. If you had no symptoms, for the first time. If you want to have certainty, you can – anonymously in a public health Department or the Checkpoint of the AIDS – test.

by the Way: In the first 48 hours after a risk – if it is probable that the sexual partner is HIV positive and not treated – can prevent through a four-week HIV prophylaxis (HIV-PEP) infection. Also a Hepatitis B vaccination, you can catch up then.

For ten years, I visit at irregular intervals, Tantra seminars and Tantra groups. “Anonymous from: Anonymous

For ten years, I visit at irregular intervals, Tantra seminars and Tantra groups. This comes in addition to many other activities also to more intimate touches, for example, in the case of the Yoni or Lingam Massage. On the subject of Safer Sex, however, is not spoken most of the time. Probably most of the participants know or suspect that these anonymous groups pose a risk of infection. How high do you estimate the risk in visiting such groups? What recommendations do you have, how you can take this important issue seriously, without compromising the joy, the spontaneity, and the community energy?

answer from the experts:

Yoni – and-Lingam-massage performed with the Hand, in terms of the risk of infection easily. If other body parts (mouth, tongue, sexual organs) are used, we recommend a previous consultation on the protection measures.

Why not I’m a risk group? “User Maya from: User/Maya

I am very sexually active and thought as a woman the risk for Contracting the disease is greater. If I let me on sexually transmitted diseases testing, the questionnaires, that is sexually active (Homo constitute sexual) men are the risk group. Why am I as a risk group?

answer from the experts:

This is a good question. Probably because HIV among women is not very common. But anyone who has Sex with many different partners, definitely has an increased risk of various venereal diseases to infect. This is why we recommend that even sexually active women, once-a-year test.

P. S.: If you go in a Checkpoint of the AIDS help, you can find questionnaires, in which women are addressed.

the importance of Safer Sex during Or is alsex? “User Ginflut from: User Ginflut

the importance of Safer Sex during oral sex for the partner and Partner? Play sores in the mouth a role in this?

answer from the experts:

The oral sex you can give regarding HIV all-clear. Oral sex on a woman (Licking) is about HIV safely. During oral sex to the man (bubbles), even if semen in your mouth, only a very low risk of HIV. You can minimize this small risk even further by spitting out the cum to quickly.

Other venereal diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, Herpes or Syphilis during oral sex is transferable, with or without wounds. Overall, the risk of oral intercourse with a sexually – transmitted disease, to infect, but much lower than that of Anal or vaginal intercourse.

I had a One-Night Stand, the man pulled off the condom in secret. “Anonymous from: Anonymous

I had a One-Night Stand with the man of the deal with the condom during the Sex secretly deducted. I only afterwards noticed. A week later I was violently sick: fever, skin rash, night sweats, severe weight loss and swollen lymph nodes. It went to me really bad. I was so scared that I was infected with HIV. I took five Tests over the period of a year, until I could be sure that I’m not infected. It was horrible. Since then, I had no One-Night-longer. And I ask myself: Can I view the man?

answer from the experts:

you have been through this experience for a long time Fears. The question of whether an ad is appropriate or the right way for you, a better place through a personal consultation in a sex advice or a AIDS assistance to be clarified.

Generally we advise people to seek after sexual Assault bzeziehungsweise rape medical help in the first few hours. Up to 48 hours could be prevented by a preventive HIV prophylaxis is a potential HIV infection. Also a Hepatitis B infection can be prevented by vaccination. Other infections can be diagnosed early and early treatment.

Ultimately, the aim is also to document the Assault or rape, medical as evidence for a potential display. In addition to medical help, it is certainly useful to take psychological help, for example, in the case of pro familia, or a women’s counseling office, and are looking for a display, of course, legal counsel.

Incidentally, pubic lice, Syphilis, gonorrhea – what is risky?

Many questions came to sex diseases and such, which are transmitted during Sex. These are actually more common in Germany. Some are unpleasant, but harmless. Other life-threatening. So what to do? This Glossary tells it:

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read the Overview of the Sexually transmitted diseases in an optimized version. To whom can I contact?

When you observe incidentally in itself symptoms of certain diseases, you should contact a Doctor or a counselling centre, and for the time being as a precaution, do without Sex. A contact person you can find, for example, in this database of the Federal centre for health education, or in the case of the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe.


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