With some delay sends Samsung its language assistants in Europe, in the battle for market share.

the most intelligent, and learners ‘ functions, it will receive the new Bixby with Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Siri from Apple or Cortana by Microsoft.

After a Beta-Test Phase, the Software is now also available in German, Italian, French, and Spanish, the company said on Tuesday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Since the 20. February course Bixby officially to all the devices in the series Galaxy S8, S9, and the new S10 series. The devices Note 8 and Note 9 with the latest Android Software Pie supported Bixby also.

“the language assistants are a growth market in Germany,” said Bixby spokesman Thorsten Böker in Barcelona. More than every fourth German citizen is over 18 years could imagine according to the industry Association Bitkom, to control its devices in the future with the voice. “This is a large potential for Bixby.” The company relies on the wide spread of its devices. Per year, Samsung sell 500 million devices and centers for Artificial intelligence in Canada, the USA, South Korea, great Britain and Russia, said Samsung Manager Brad Park.

in the Future, Bixby has to run on all devices – from the Smartphone to the Smart TV and smart speakers to the house devices of other manufacturers. The Software was designed as an open Ecosystem, said Boker. Developers Samsung tools, your own applications can create. Overall, Samsung has plans, according to the Park until 2024 to put some 22 billion dollars in research and development.

about two years Ago, Samsung had introduced the first Version of Bixby for the first time. Since then, the group is working on the localization into other languages. Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa have established themselves in the meanwhile wide in the market. They wanted to make things different, said Boker. So to stand out from Bixby, in the future, with the help of Artificial intelligence through smarter interaction between users and devices. “Bixby finds out what I want, and without any learned commands,” promised Boker.



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