Sberbank explained the terms of credit vacation

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Kirill Zykov

In the savings Bank called the upper limit of the loan, which include holidays, RIA Novosti reports.

it is Noted that in accordance with the law, the holidays are designed only to loans for which the maximum amount shall not exceed: mortgage loans – 1.5 thousand rubles, car loans – 600 thousand rubles, consumer loans for physical persons – 250 thousand rubles, credit cards for natural persons – 100 thousand rubles.

Individual entrepreneurs can apply for a deferment of payments on consumer credits, if the amount does not exceed 300 thousand rubles.

the Bank recommended customers to apply for vacation credit only if customers are sure to reduce their official income.

moreover, the credit institution offers the customers own flexible program of restructuring, depending on the specific situation of the borrower.

Sberbank noted that now there is a trend to a mass appeal for a grace period citizens, but there is no documentary confirmation of the deteriorating financial situation. Only every tenth application is confirmed the official document.

2 April, the Federation Council approved the law on credit breaks for citizens and business. Is available to entrepreneurs most affected by the coronavirus

the CBR advised banks to create services check applications for vacation credit. It was reported that the function will operate remotely.

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