During the month of May 2019 Facebook instituted a blanket ban on all forms of advertising related to CFDs or Contracts for Difference. According to their official statement, the Facebook legal team labels CFDs as “complex financial products that are often associated with predatory behavior”. While it is true that CFDs are complex, implementing a complete ban on this type of financial product is considered by many legal experts to be a very heavy-handed approach. And while it is true that in many cases advertisers promoting documented get-rich-quick schemes such as “Immediate Edge” were able to get away with certain forms of false advertising, it doesn’t mean legitimate advertisers should be completely banned. This is especially true when regulated CFD Brokers who operate in full compliance with their license are concerned.

Still, the persistent nature of the Immediate Edge scam keeps resurfacing as unsavory marketers and well-funded media agencies have found a way to bypass this latest directive. We have received word that Facebook members who were exposed to clickbait ads are now directed to download an app. The app is not directly related to CFDs, and it is purely an informational or content-focused software designed to keep members engaged. However, inside the app advertisers have placed affiliate links with campaign IDs. Members are encouraged to click on these links, and once they do they are once more referred to another get rich quick scheme like Bitcoin Revolution.

Immediate Edge

As Regulation Gets Tougher Scammers Get More Creative
Advertising on Facebook or Google is an essential way for any firm who wishes to have some form of online presence and increase sales. The bigger businesses and corporations understand how to navigate through the changing legal environment. But smaller firms with less money must resort to more stealthy tactics if they want to survive, and that is where they start to get creative and find ways to bypass Facebook regulations.

When Will Things Change?
Facebook and Google are where people meet or get their information from Today. This trend will only grow with time, and that means advertisers will have to adapt. Things will change when regulation factors in SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) and offers different advertising packages with huge disclaimers and warning signs much like the cigarette industry has done. That is the only way to warn people about scams like Immediate Edge!