In Canada, it has been discovered, the largest and heaviest Tyrannosaurus Rex that is known so far. He was alive he was 13 meters long and weighed nearly nine tons – as much as no other Tyrannosaurus or predatory dinosaur. The largest Tyrannosaurus was estimated to 12.4 meters in size.

asteroid impact Larger than Paris: researchers discover a huge crater under the Greenland ice DPA

The research team found the Fossil, evaluates its size as a hint, that the true extent of the dinosaurs could be underestimated. Reason could be, therefore, that so far, barely skeletons of adult specimens have been found.

now examined the Fund still has more special features: The Tyrannosaurus was about 30 years old and thus already quite advanced in years. Besides, he probably had a lot of fights behind: The scientists had found anywhere in the skeleton, pathological changes due to injuries, for example, rib fractures, a severe jaw infection and multiple bites on the tail.



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