The legal sector is rapidly evolving. Gone are the days when solicitors only practiced law; today, they face rising competition, causing a decline in the demand for services and a rising supply of professional talent.

The forces causing a change in the legal profession are varied. Legal firms’ ability to positively and innovatively respond to these challenges will determine who survives and who doesn’t.

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1. Virtual Receptionist

It would help if you focused on building, nurturing, and maintaining excellent customer relationships to manage your solicitor firm successfully. It doesn’t only have to do with guiding them through the legal system and offering top-rate legal counsel. An excellent legal firm should prioritize its clients and take all the vital steps to feel valued.

This client-centric approach should guide almost all the choices you make about your firm, such as where your offices will be, the best marketing techniques to employ, the type of environment you want your clients to find, how your office is furnished, the person responsible for answering your calls, and how they should handle this important responsibility.

Even though these choices play a crucial role in how your clients view your legal firm, the most important one is getting the right person to manage your calls. But the right person isn’t always cost-effective and, in these times, do you want another employee on the books? There is another answer. You should hire a virtual receptionist that directly works for your firm.

The virtual receptionist service will be tailored to meet the exact needs of your organization without all the hiring costs and offers many more benefits to your firm, such as:

  • Improving customer satisfaction

If a client calls your solicitor firm, hoping to speak to someone, but instead reaches a voicemail because you are busy with another client or in court, that could begin to create a negative sentiment.

A virtual receptionist ensures that when a person calls, they speak to a real, live person. They will feel more satisfied knowing their request is being immediately taken care of.

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  • Get more leads

When someone calls your firm, you have the possibility of turning them into new clients. Getting new leads that can be converted into clients along the way is vital for a virtual receptionist.

Good virtual receptionist services train their receptionists, which makes them perfect for your firm and any other business. They know how to ask probing questions and gently direct new callers to your brand.

  • Plan meetings and appointments

You can give virtual receptionist access to your diary and direct them to schedule meetings with clients and new prospects. This makes sure that your day goes on smoothly and reduces any likelihood of delays along the way. Additionally, have them confirm appointments with clients, so no time is wasted.

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  • Present a professional image for your firm

A virtual receptionist shows both clients and prospects that you are running a professional organization. This is very necessary because your clients are looking for a lawyer that can represent them and their interests at the end of the day. Nobody wants to be associated with an unprofessional firm, mainly if it handles legal matters.

  • Keeps clients relaxed

Many callers can become easily irritated if their call is not answered on time by a real person or if the market goes to voicemail. Moving callers around your firm not only wastes valuable time, but it can also contribute to clients feeling frustrated. A virtual receptionist ensures that calls are connected to the right person the first time.

2. Call Answering

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If your law firm is busy, more clients may be demanding your services, and your office will be getting more calls than it can handle. Although this high volume of calls is suitable for your firm, you will lose out on many of them unless you can immediately answer all hose client calls.

Since you can’t answer all these calls immediately, the solution is to hire a call answering service. A call answering service can help you boost the impression of a caller of your commitment to service and your professional level.

Some ways call answering services can benefit you include:

  • Makes you available all-day
  • Provides a living human to callers
  • Remain connected anywhere
  • Provide services on-demand
  • Answers routine questions
  • Stay above your competition
  • Form a reliable partnership

3. Appointment Setting

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One problem that some firms encounter is poor appointment scheduling. This leads to conflicts or even surprise appointments that you are not ready for or were not expecting.

Generally, poor appointment setting has many implications for your legal business. It makes you appear unprofessional before your clients and can increase your drop off rate.

As difficult as appointment scheduling looks, you can make it simpler by hiring a call center company that has a track record of efficiency and professionalism in handling scheduling for busy law firms.

But before you even call on the virtual assistant, there are various steps you can implement in your law firm to streamline the operations of your office, such as:

  • To-do lists

A to-do list makes it possible for your solicitors to write their tasks down to remember all the work they need to get done within the day.

The list may appear overwhelming, but not everything will have to be done at once. Arrange the items by deadlines to give you a clearer picture of when the work should be completed.

Writing information down will allow you to know what has to be done, where you have to go, and when tasks are due.

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  • Digital scheduling

Digital scheduling makes it possible for you to schedule meetings and deadlines through a computer program. Team members have access to this information, which helps them become aware of upcoming projects.

This service is vital because it prevents double booking. Tasks can be scheduled and updated at any time from various people, and the information will be seen by everyone, even when they are not in the office.


Legal services in this modern age demand multiskilling on your part, so you can effectively handle clients’ briefs. This increases client satisfaction. As new technologies are created and services developed, you must invest in these to help streamline your processes and improve your firm’s efficiency without having to take on any new hires. If you are interested in a reliable call answering service, then make sure to check out Kendlebell Fairivew at