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This article is part of the center of gravity to drugs in everyday life. TIME has published ONLINE results of the Global Drug Survey, the world’s biggest drug survey of around 35,000 readers participated.

noise fun. He can be euphoric voices, leaves us with the music merge, hour-by-hour dance. No wonder that alcohol and other drugs at parties there is usually a lack, whether in Clubs, at Festivals or private celebrations. However, the consumption also carries risks. For the health of the Individual, but also in each other. At parties it often comes to sexual violence – often, when psychoactive substances are in the game.

Two, the have the know, are Alina sun box, and Jonas Schuster*. Go to “16, I started in Jena at parties,” says the now 21-year-old sun box. “I have regularly experienced sexual Assault. Actually, every club visit.” Time, she was touched without being asked back to dance, times. The most Unpleasant was a tongue kiss from a stranger. “Although I have spoken previously with her and maybe flirting, but the kiss was unsolicited and uncalled for.” Jonas Schuster has experienced something Similar, but on a Festival. “A group of men who were obviously high, has insulted me first homophobic. Then you groped me, my nipple in focus,” he says.

for, like, grope, kiss: The spectrum of situations at parties, which can be perceived as sexually grip and violent, is wide. Not only the rape count exceeded limit violations. In 2016, the sex was criminal law reform, and to the offence of sexual harassment expanded. It comes to physical touch, “in sex a certain way”. Re also: Even if the perpetrator put on the inside or the culprit about the “recognizable will” of a Person, make you liable to prosecution. And the Offense to persons who are incapable of resistance, shall be punished.

valid Numbers, as often it comes to parties sexualized violence, and what is the role of alcohol and other drugs play, there isn’t. The Police crime statistics (PKS) of 2018 reported that more than 31,000 people have become victims of a Crime against sexual self-determination. Including 2.103 men, of which 84 alcohol, drugs, or drugs influence. For women, there are significantly more. 29.012 women have been groped, harassed or raped – 1.417 that were under the influence of substances.

The statistics also reveals how many suspects for criminal offences were under the influence of alcohol against sexual self-determination: Nearly 7,000, only 135 of whom were women. The context In which this happened, whether it was in the workplace, in the Club or privately at someone’s home, can not be found. Participants of the Global Drug Survey in 2019, the world’s largest survey of people who use drugs and has also asked about the TIME, ONLINE readers, were but information. This shows at least that the Attacks happen mainly in unfamiliar environments or in the Club. But rather in the Private:

The official crime statistics recorded in addition, not all of the received Messages, but only those, which have been passed on to the Prosecutor’s office. And even if you would collect all of the Display – the number of unreported cases is expected to remain high: Among the respondents to the Global Drug Survey in 2019, 97 percent of which were affected by a sexual Assault turned, not to the police. Shame, fear of the consequences or the uncertainty about what is happens, the Affected it.


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