In the stalled budget dispute in the USA went to the “Shutdown” in the third week: at midnight (local time/6.00 PM CET) started on the 15. Day on the part of the government is at a standstill.

a top-level meeting of President Donald Trump with the representatives of his Republicans and the opposition Democrats in the White house had been made on Friday and there’s no break. Representatives of the White house and the two parties to continue their negotiations today in Washington. In the centre of the dispute Trumps demand for money is for a border wall.

Trump had, in accordance with the tip from Friday with representatives from the US Congress to a standstill, the government business is threatened in the affected ministries for months, or even years. “I don’t think it would come to this, but I’m prepared,” he said.

With a view to the negotiations at the weekend, the President added, however: “We can solve this quickly.” An agreement was come the beginning of next week.

Trump threatened also, so that he could build the wall if necessary, without the consent of the Congress, if he “would impose a national state of emergency due to the security of our country”. “I can do that, if I want to,” he said. “We can impose a national emergency and they very quickly build. This is another way to do it. But if we can make it through a negotiation process, we will give it a try.”

Shortly before Christmas, a budget was entered into lock for several ministries in power, because it is not on time a budget law for these areas, it was decided. Including the home’s protection Ministry, which handles border security. Hundreds of thousands of government holidays are agents in forced or you will need to work without salary. The background is a dispute between Trump and the Democrats over the financing of a wall on the border to Mexico. Trump calls for $ 5.6 billion, for its construction. The Democrats reject the financing of a wall, categorically.

The newly elected Chairman of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said that the talks with Trump on Friday and partly controversial. Trump spoke of a very productive Meeting.

The front man of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, said after the interview, Trump had threatened with a Shutdown in an unprecedented length. “He said he would hold the government over a very long time – months or even years.”

Pelosi, and he had called Trump a matter of urgency, to find a solution to end the budget can quickly lock and to take the population hostage. “He refused,” lamented Schumer. Already on Wednesday, the top were representatives from the Congress and the White house with a Trump – without the result.

Trump confirmed his statement to a possibly year-long “Shutdown”. He struggled at the same time, during an appearance in the rose garden of the White house to dispel the impression of an unbridgeable Rift with the Democrats. We are United in the desire to end the stalemate, he said.

On the weekend to go to the negotiations, however, in a different composition: For the White house, Vice-President Mike Pence, trump’s adviser to and son-in-law to negotiate the son of Jared Kushner as well as homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. The Congress representatives could bring as many negotiators to the talks, as they wanted to, Trump said.

By the mid-term elections at the beginning of November have shifted the balance of forces in Congress. Trumps Republicans make up the majority in the Senate. In the house of representatives, the Democrats have been since Thursday, but Say so. With their new majority in the house of representatives, the Democrats adopted the same on the first day of a draft budget, with the goal to finish the budget freeze. The Trump of the required funds for the construction of the wall were not included. The White house had made even before the voting, that Trump would reject the proposal.

Trump had promised his followers in the presidential campaign, to build a wall on the border to Mexico. Actually, should pay for it according to his will the Mexicans. That Trump is now calling for money from the Congress, earned him much mockery.

Originally, Trump had demanded a concrete wall. He has moved away now and speaks now of a steel fence, he wants to build. “Steel is stronger than concrete,” he said. In addition, the United States would have a strong steel industry. In the planned length of a wall, Trump has also moved away from previous positions.



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