In big companies and corporations, the chances for some legal issues are big, since there are a lot of employees and outsource collaborations, and the field of working is huge. Having a legal department is highly recommended because the experts will always know how to fix the things that may look impossible to solve. Sometimes, all the coworkers can be overwhelmed with the things that happen in the company, so legal counseling becomes a necessity. Sometimes you will also need a professional organization, and you can hire someone to do that for you because if it’s an inside job, there won’t be an objective estimation and evaluation.

So, legal counseling and proactive planning are great solutions for every possible issue that may occur during the working process. Even when there is no particular issue, legal advice is something very important for your business, so having the contact in your hand will only bring a benefit. You will be ready for the potential mistakes and the legal way to overcome the problems, like working contracts, debts, business law counseling, insurance policies, taking care of the intellectual property, and so on. According to, the most important thing for the legal advisor is to put the clients first, before anything else, and resolve the problems the best they can.

Some issues can be solved in the company, between the co-workers, with help from the HR-department, but there are some cases when legal advice is needed and highly recommended, like:

Source: The Balance Careers

1. For startups, while they are trying to expand

There are so many tricky moments, that may make us think we are doing the right moves, but it may end up in catastrophe. You may be the expert in your profession, but starting up a new business requires legal counseling because they will help you understand the policies, revenue models, your obligations, legislative, and development of the professional relationships with both the employees and clients. Some mistakes are very costly, and a good lawyer will help you prevent them.

2. You have issues with the co-workers

In big companies, there will always be someone who is not satisfied with something, and you should be always ready and prepared for that kind of issue. You will meet a lot of people and different behaviors, even blackmailing, or lying about something, and no matter how nice you are trying to be, these things require legal solutions. Your counselor will help you find the best possible one, that will follow the laws and regulations.


3. Something is suspicious with the money flow

When you see that something is wrong with the cash flow in your company, your initial thought is to blame it on the financial sector. But, in corporations, there are too many levels of responsibilities, even for the simplest thing, so instead of jumping to conclusions, you better call your attorney or advisor, and tell them about the problem. They will always have the right advice for you, on what should be your next step, and how to investigate the issue, without being suspicious of those who are guilty on purpose. Also, keep in mind that sometimes no one is guilty, but it’s only a mistake that is causing problems now.

4. The employees are going against you

There are plenty of reasons why the employees aren’t satisfied with the conditions at work. In most cases someone will eventually come to talk to you, to ask for an optimal solution. But, there are plenty of examples when a group of people turned against the employer, without even telling that something wasn’t right previously. When something like this happens, you have to call your counselor before you take any step and promise something just to fix the things.

Source: Medium

5. When you want to change something big

Once you register the company, it comes with a complete description of the logo, brand, corporate colors, and trademarks. As time goes by, it’s normal and expected to have better ideas for improvement, and before you change something, try to talk to your legal advisor, so you can avoid making something similar to another company, or using a color or font that is protected as a trademark. Also, when you decide to move to another office, you have to do that with a consultation with the lawyer, so you can register the changes, and change the address in every corporate document and channel of communication.

6. Incomplete paperwork and documentation

Once again we will repeat that some mistakes are normal and expected, and when solved calmly, without yelling, everything will be good after that. But, when some of them are repeatable, and mostly from one or two employees, you know what comes next. Before you decide to let them go, try to resolve the things together with the legal counselor who will explain to them what’s the problem. If you want, you can give them another chance. If you decide to fire them, you have to be aware of their rights too, which are guaranteed with the law, and if you are not sure, then you will need to make that together with the legal expert.

Source: National Business Research Institute

7. The competition is attacking you

You will exactly know when an unsatisfied client or worker attacks you, and when the attack comes from the competition. Before you do the same, calm down and consult with your attorney about what to do next. You will be surprised how many simple solutions are there, without you being publicly involved in the “fight”. It’s on you to keep proof of what’s going on and proceed with the legal procedure.

If you are in an establishing process, don’t let this article discourage you. These are normal and expected things, and you must be aware that things won’t go as you imagine. You will meet different kinds of people, and you can never know their real intentions. So, being protected with a good legal counselor is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.