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What we do a third of our lives read? Sleep! Anyway, if all goes well. Why does the man at all, how many hours are enough and what will help, if we can’t go to sleep at night and in the morning as whacked to Wake up? These and other issues is dedicated to TIME ONLINE the focus on “Better sleep”.

Before you go to sleep Iris switches on in the evening, the TV. Until your eyes grow heavy. Then, in the middle of the night, if she wakes up and the Timer has switched off the TV automatically grabs the remote and turns on him again, until she falls asleep again. So running every night. Without your TV, you could not fall asleep, she says during a workshop of the sleep Academy Berlin.

The centre offers education courses and lectures for companies and schools, so that people like Iris better sleep or your sleep disorder able to get a grip. Iris works at the real estate service provider, Berlinovo, in the Seminar, you are sitting with your colleagues. The smile, as the Iris of your nightly Ritual told. Presumably, you would expect such as Iris, that the lecturer Thea Herold is now saying that the TV should be in the evening, absence. That Iris should banish the device better from the bedroom. But Herald shrugs his shoulders. “Everybody should have his personal sleep ritual that works for him or her.” There is no role-play may sound, the absurdity of the Ritual for other people. “The main thing is, it works,” she says.

Iris could appreciate in contrast to a lot of people are happy to have a Ritual found, the help her fall Asleep. That’s what the sleep Academy Berlin, founded by Herold with the sleep researcher and psychologist Sandra Zimmermann in 2011. Their Mission is to raise awareness of the importance of nightly rest. Because many take place in a time in which we can around the clock, on your sleep, little attention is paid. Still applies: he Who sleeps a lot, is lazy. This can be for the health fatal. “Who wants to live a healthy life, normally think of as a healthy diet and more physical activity and Sport in everyday life. The sleep is at least as important, many do not know,” says Thea Herold. 35 percent of the German so-great sleep have problems that you are not in the morning rested and during the day with fatigue and hard to concentrate to fight. 15 percent almost every night, of sleep disturbances are affected. This is the result of a representative survey from may 2018, on behalf of the Initiative Germany is sleeping healthy.

Poor sleep eats energy

What keeps people awake at night or you can jump, can be very different. More than 80 diagnoses sleep disorders there are. Such as snoring, sleepwalking, nightmares. Insomnia is the most common. Who you are, not a can most of the time and sleep through the night, wakes up in the morning early, and has problems to fall asleep again. Who by the way has now and again difficulties falling asleep or experienced a bad night, no sleep disorder. Sleep researchers such as Sandra carpenter make the diagnosis according to clinical criteria. This may mean that people are, for example, at least a month, three times a week at night. Permanently poor sleep eats up energy. Those affected are often unmotivated, sluggish, listless and less powerful.

“It is important to advise people individually, because the sleep is very important and intimate. A lot of you don’t want to discuss in the great room in front of other people,” says Zimmermann. Therefore, she does individual consultations, usually in connection to a Workshop. Together, participants learn in the group first of all, what constitutes a healthy sleep at all, then a single appointment.

“It is always better to disorders from arising and to prevent it, because it is easier to treat than you,” says Zimmermann. “Sleep disorders.” Germany was not prepared in this regard. Nationwide, there are only 310 accredited sleep laboratories. “It is worrying that you have to wait at least six months for an appointment in the sleep laboratory.” People who come to the sleep Academy Berlin, fighting mostly for months with night-time problems.


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