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read A cell door in a maximum security prison opens, the prisoners entered a separate lounge room. Then the dog comes in. He sniffs, is in search of. Not to drugs, but to mobile phones, the use of prisoners for unauthorized transactions. The dog is a member of a new special unit of the four-legged friends: the Cyberdogs, data carrier detection dogs. And he will find it.

“five years Ago we have used in Brazil, the first mobile phone sniffer dog of South America,” says Andre Brendler, managing Director of K-9 Detection Dog School Germany. Prompt the dog had been successful, further missions followed. Not only that, the Brendler got the job, more animals for the search of mobile phones, memory cards, hard drives and USB Sticks.

Still needs to be proven the model. Worldwide, there are, as yet, only a few schools that have formed a couple of hand full of electronic sleuths. One of them lives in Germany, in Saxony: Arthur, could recently have the crucial discovery in a case. However, the interest in electronic detection dogs is increasing, as Laptops, Smartphones and memory cards are important evidence in criminal proceedings. What can the perpetrators are increasingly disappearing and investigators just to easy to overlook, dogs tracking.

in Total, there are in this country, 460-trained sniffer dogs

The conditions are ideal. Dogs are loyal, intelligent and have extraordinarily sensitive noses, yet all the electronic search device is superior. With up to 220 million olfactory cells, the animals are one of the Makrosmaten, that group of mammals characterised by a very high olfactory functions. You have almost ten times more olfactory cells than humans, which belongs to the group of Mikrosmaten. What do you mean, according to Brendler, for example, that a dog could smell a deeply buried old Pizza on several meters distance. For people impossible.

The fine nose of the dog people are taking advantage of for decades in emergencies. Already in the first world war, rescue – and sanitary dogs were used for the missing soldiers to track down. “Later, the authorities recognized the Benefits of the dogs and brought them into service,” explained Brendler, training for 22 years all types of dogs. “Now more than 220 animals,” he estimates. Three of the data carrier detection dogs has trained and Brendler for authorities in other countries, including Brazil, are.

A Chihuahua in a search action over a longer period of time to run through high Grass, almost impossible.

Andre Brendler, managing Director of K-9 Detection Dog School Germany

for A period of time the dog would have training schools such as the K-9 Detection Dog School Germany animals German authorities, says the coach. However, these have generally their own training centres for their dogs. 460-trained service dogs, there are currently a total of in this country. All of them have started teaching at the age of one year. An average of nine to twelve weeks does it take to Riechschulung, then the exam is coming up.

What are the breeds to be trained? “Basically, you can train any dog to be a dog,” says Brendler. Particularly important, among other things, the social behavior, as well as a more pronounced game be drive – and “the dog must be anatomically capable”. Says: fit, healthy and able to work on difficult Terrain to move forward quickly. To lead “a Chihuahua in a search action over a longer period of time through high Grass, almost impossible,” says the dog trainer. For this reason, his school and the authorities are working dogs, mainly German, Belgian and Dutch shepherd.


32 percent of all dogs, the German shepherd dogs are the police.

The principle is the same for all dogs the same, no matter whether it’s drugs, explosives, or disk: The trainer can use both, the huge amount of work for the sake of the animals, as well as their strong play and prey drive. The dogs will be separately conditioned on each substance to a specific search wall. Is trained about the smell of the plastic contained plasticizers and non-ferrous metals, a printed circuit Board. The substances do not produce a specific scent which is why Cyberdogs find every Time in front of a power box or on a remote control falls. A dog can find the phone or the data carrier in the Test, he is rewarded with a toy or food.

the nose Strikes an object, fixed in the dog’s body in one of a stoic calm in front of it. The animals of such a passive display certain typical behavior, is one of the essential tasks. Finally, the sleuths fragile data media such as SD cards and USB are not supposed to chew Sticks in high spirits.


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