Sochi is without tourists, who have not taken that insulated

In accordance with the Government order, starting from 28 March to 1 April, all Federal resorts need to stop accepting citizens. In this regard, it is cancelled * check in and resorts. However, as explained in the administration of Sochi, the resort is 52 000 tourists. All of them were asked to continue their holidays to the end in the mode of self-isolation.

– we had tickets to the hotel “Sigma Sirius” from 26 March to 1 April. We purchased from the tour operator. The tour included three meals a day. On March 27, we announced that restaurants will no longer work. All this despite a country’s leadership that the food in the hotels should be provided. And we learned this from the rank and file employees, none of the hotel management or tour operator to communicate with people and even though something did not want to explain. The tour operator began to terminate the contract unilaterally. Promised that payment will be made, but yet no refund received. Those tourists, who was immediately booked packages – stay & tickets – began to take Charter flights, but only to Moscow. Then people were asked to their cities to get their own. We have tickets were purchased separately from the hotel to the airline “Victory,” which was also cancelled flights. In the end, we bought train tickets,buy two tickets in one compartment was hard, and I with a child. The day we spent at the hotel without meals, eating instant noodles. But most importantly, no one explains why this is so. People don’t understand what to do, where to go, – said the vacationer from Moscow Lyudmila lypyna.

As explained by the Deputy Director of the Department of resorts and tourism of administration of Sochi Sergey Domurat, March 28, all bookings for accommodation in hotels managed by her Sochi revoked only company “Biblioglobus”.

the Citizens who have purchased tours, is refund. Including the ban on accommodation in hotels and hotels were the tourists, who are already in Sochi, in particular in the hotel “Sigma Sirius”. Now with guests being educated. Those who bought tours with flights, will be shipped home on a special Charter. Those who arrived in Sochi on their own and checked in at the hotel until March 28, also invited to return to their city. Many tourists, realizing the grave situation, agreed to leave Sochi. The same travelers, “Sigma Sirius”, who wished to remain in the resort the opportunity to stay a few more days for free, partial refunds for the remaining days they also produced. The power of these citizens should organize themselves, – said Sergey Demorat.

the resort is about 20 thousand clients of the tour operator. It is planned to take all people over the two days. In the rest of the hotels and sanatoriums of Sochi guests continue a planned vacation. Tourists who currently reside in the hotels of the resort “Rosa Khutor” will be able to be there until the end of the booking period without the possibility of renewal. They provided the conditions for isolation, including food delivered to the room. All hotels to conduct the necessary sanitary-epidemiological measures.

the Sochi sanatorium “Knowledge”, designed for 810 rooms filled with now almost 100 percent. Most of the rest stopped him long before the adoption of emergency measures and continue living.

– We have taken all security measures. Bought special disinfectant equipment, shared areas of the meal. Recent departures of guests is scheduled for April 7-10. After this part of the resort will be spent on conservation. Now we are inventory reservation for the period April-may. Check in with guests, offer to transfer your booking to a later period. While refused, probably several people, others perceive the situation very calmly and even support us, – said the head of the sanatorium Dmitry Bogdanov.

in Addition to the cancellation of occupancy in hotels in Sochi closedyou all the shopping and entertainment centers, catering companies, reduced the number of flights, intercity trains, closed the border with Abkhazia and limited road connections to the cities of the Kuban. Residents first asked the guests arrive at the resort. The number of cases of coronavirus infection in the Krasnodar region is 17.

“MK in the Kuban”