The story began as you would in a screenplay to write: In the summer of 1966, learned of the regional law of successful Swedish singer Björn Ulvaeus as a pianist, also well-booked Benny Andersson. The two hit it off immediately, at their second Meeting they wrote after a Party at home with björn’s parents their first joint piece. Then the women came into play: Björn fell in love with Agnetha and Benny in Anni-Frid, who had also music in their blood. It was able to embark on this journey together.

Frank Behrendt: The Guru of Serenity Thomas Rabsch

Frank Behrendt (55) is one of the best-known communications consultants in Germany. The graduate of the German school of journalism, was a Top Manager in the music industry, television, and in large agencies. His book “love your life and NOT your Job” became directly after the publication of the economic Bestseller. The German Public Relations Association awarded a prize to the man who’s always in a good mood, as a “PR head of the year”. More info: Direct dialogue: [email protected]

And so the four stood on the 29. March 1972 at Stockholm’s Metronome Studio and sang suitable to your personal Situation, “People Need Love”. It is the first joint TV performance followed in the Swedish TV, the four were sitting around at the time, still good to have a piano. In June 1972, when the people were looking forward to the European football championship, Germany, with their Stars Beckenbauer, Netzer and Muller later won, the first Single of the freshly formed Swedish pop band in the record stores. Nobody had had the idea for the catchy band name “ABBA”, therefore Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid wore a somewhat bulky “” on the Cover. The music was still, in the autumn of the year, the first Album followed.

from then on, the success could not be stopped. In 1974, Germany won the world Cup and ABBA at the Eurovision Song Contest with “Waterloo”. The winning song was a worldwide success and marked the international breakthrough of Swedish pop group. But not only the music of the Hit, the fancy trendy costumes that Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Björn and Benny in their music videos was wearing, enthusiastic Fans.

ABBA was a gigantic success story. With over 400 million records sold, the Band is among the world’s absolute Top-Sellers. As a Musical, the Songs broke a lot of records. 20 years ago Mamma Mia “in London, had its Premiere”. Meanwhile, the Show has torn the world more than 60 million people from their Seats. The same movie was also a Hit.

to Me the incomparable ABBA Sound, in 1975 in Ratzeburg met, because there went on a class trip. In the evening there was in the basement of the hostel, always Disco. Flickering light, Cola and loud music. A song was felt played throughout the evening in an endless loop: “SOS”.

I fidgeted with bell-bottoms and an oversized collar on the shirt as a vibrant emergency call pillar. I gave up everything, to impress an adored classmate final. So bad that I was not, apparently, because she went after the return, in the otter dorfer Café Brüning eat me an ice cream. ABBA, I thank you!


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