About broken up two months after the dramatic failed launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket for the first time in a Crew to the International space station ISS. The rocket with a U.S. astronaut Anne McClain, the Russian Oleg Kononenko and the canadian David Saint-Jacques plan launched by the Russian space station Baikonur. After the separation of the third drive stage, the space ship headed for the Outpost of humanity, some 400 kilometers above the earth. The flight should take about six hours.

The three astronauts will stay around six months in All and first of all, the Crew of the German commander Alexander Gerst increase. The flight and deployment plans were advised on the ISS, mess, after, in October, the rocket shortly after Lift-off had failed. Two area drivers were able to save themselves at the time, unharmed. The reason for the accident was a mistake in the final Assembly was a Russian investigation found that A Sensor had been damaged during the Assembly of the rocket.

Gerst, who hails from Baden-Württemberg, in June on the ISS and has held there since the beginning of October, the first German in command. The ISS is ready for the new colleagues, tweeted the 42-Year-old. “We bring the ISS in the Form, before our friends arrive with the Soyuz MS-11,” he wrote, and published photos of the final preparations. 20. December is supposed to return the current crew with Gerst, American Serena Auñón-Chancellor and the Russians Sergey Prokopyev on the earth.


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