Once laughed at idea of multi-entrepreneur Elon Musk, SpaceX is now a recognized service provider in the space transport business. For years, Falcon missiles of the private company supply the International space station ISS with supplies. Numerous satellite has shot the company to All. Only so far, no people.

a manned or befrauter flight is planned, of which Musk and his engineers have been talking about for a Long time. Just when is it gonna happen, not yet. Now the US Space Agency Nasa has granted the private company the permission for a test flight. A specially for the travel of people constructed capsule, the Dragon V2, or Crew, Dragon is on 3. March 2019, first go with a life-sized doll on Board on the trip, according to Nasa on its Website. To All promote you will. a Falcon-9 rocket, which is already prepared to launch pad 39a of the Kennedy Space center in Florida

the Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad 39A

It is a historic site in Florida, from which SpaceX controls the space: Launch Pad 39A. Apollo 11 flew from here to the moon. In 1981 space was from this launch, the first Shuttle, the U.S. space Agency Nasa launched the last in the year 2011.

With the end of the Shuttle program is the end for Launch Pad 39A came. The platform was broke for years, they rusted under the continuous influence of salt and Wind as a Symbol of a bygone Era. Then SpaceX took over. the

After extensive renovation began at the 19. February 2017 a rocket of the type of Falcon 9 from the ramp. People were not on Board, instead, the rocket wore eat around 2,500 kg load to the International space station. It was a first step, in order to make NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, a “multi-functional space station”, as it aspires to the authority according to its own information. the

SpaceX has also acquired rights to the use of platform 40. This, however, was badly damaged, as in September 2016, a rocket during the launch, it exploded.


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