The completed heavy lift rocket, the Falcon Heavy for the US space company SpaceX Tesla CEO Elon Musk has its first commercial flight successfully. You brought in on Thursday from the spaceport Cape Canaveral in the U.S. state of Florida, the saudi Arabian telecommunications satellite Arabsat 6A in the orbit. The six-ton satellite was deployed 34 minutes after the launch into orbit at 36,000 kilometres above the earth. He should provide according to the NBC report, television, Internet and mobile services for the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

© NASA, Blue Origin, Spacex, (CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons), Stringer This gallery is a selection of major missile systems and is not complete. Many of the missile systems have different versions; shown is only one of them. Each of the applications listed, and freight are examples. Sources: ESA, flight global, ULA, Reuters, GAO, SpaceX, Blue Origin, CBO, Nasa, NBC News, Nature, The Space Review graph: Paul Blickle, Search: Alina malicious angle

All three reusable stages of the rocket returned about ten minutes after the Start safely to earth, two of the so-called Booster landed on the earth, one on a drone robot ship off the coast of Florida, as it was called. SpaceX wants to lower multi-purpose missiles, the cost of space missions drives. The was originally planned for Wednesday, but had to be, because of the strong winds on Thursday will be moved.

3D/VR graphics: The missile type, the Falcon Heavy has a height of 70 meters. To give you an idea of this size, and compares this graphic you an example of a two geschössigem house and a people. the
3D composition: Paul Blickle, Search: Alina malicious angle So you can move in the 3D/VR graphics This three-dimensional model can rotate freely, and viewed from all angles. You can also zoom in closer to view Details. Desktop computers: Click-and-drag with the mouse to move around. Smartphones: tap on the graph and swipe in the desired direction. Google Cardboard: the presentation in the Cardboard-VR-goggle, Google, tap in the lower right of the “View in VR”icon. As soon as your Smartphone is showing a split screen, load it in the Cardboard glasses. Virtual Reality: This presentation works as a experimental Feature on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You will need an Internet Browser, the Web VR support (special versions of Firefox or Chromium). Click – if your Virtual-Reality goggles connected to the computer on the “View in VR”Symbol in the bottom right. The 3D model is then displayed in the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The Falcon Heavy can significantly carry heavier loads over a longer distance. Your first test flight was currently the most powerful rocket in the world a year ago, on the 6. February 2018, completed. At that time, she had shot the media a red Tesla sports car. The Rocket propulsion based on the rocket, the Falcon 9, the transports, since 2012, of cargo to the International space station, ISS, with 21 launches in the past year, the US market dominates.

Commercial space travel companies of The NewSpace movement

The aerospace industry is in upheaval. Long-alone-governmental organizations like Nasa or Esa to space travel, not more work. For significant innovation and rapid progress to be Start have last taken care of-ups. In Germany, there are, for example, the Part-Time Scientists, a German Orbital system and Kaskilo. In the USA, SpaceX and Blue Origin to worry about for movement. the

the company was Founded with private risk capital. According to quickly you have offered products or services at lower prices than established companies like Boeing and be challenged. At the same time, you will get state orders – supply flights to the International space station ISS or satellite launch. Because of all the regulations, expensive rounds of financing and the tough decision-making processes in the government needs, for example, the Nasa technical developments for much longer as a company on the open market.


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