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In world space to read the mankind to secure its future. Because the earth is not enough, we want people in the next decades, regularly travel to space, including the Astronaut, the research on space stations, and tourists, orbiting the moon. Even a base in the moon, close to be built. And maybe a first Delegation to Mars, do not fly in this century.

In a regular flight line, people are safe, reliable and cost-effective to All, working in two private companies that brought in the order of the U.S. space Agency Nasa, the traditional companies Boeing, 50 years ago, the first humans to the moon. On the other, SpaceX, billionaire Elon Musks private rocket Start-up that got in the meantime because of unplanned explosions in disrepute, for a long time but as a service provider in the space business is recognized with its re-usable rocket has made a name. In the interest of Nasa, both pursue the same goal: the US dominance in manned space travel.

The counterparty have entered the Competition with different conditions and strategies. Boeing, SpaceX, and the means of experience against visions. Assets against funding rounds. Security against risk. However, in the race for the future of manned space flight is not Boeing, but SpaceX is currently – at least temporarily – to the front.

“Go for launch” © Jakob Börner Alina harmful angle

editor Alina harmful angle has been waiting for the summer of 2017 on this Mission. For TIME ONLINE, it was in Cape Canaveral to see a Falcon-9 rocket launch, and to touch the parts of the CST-100.

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Because Elon Musks company is ready for its first unmanned test flight of its new capsule called the Crew Dragon. For years, the industry has longed for this Moment. After more delay, the Nasa had in mid-February, finally, the first commercial test flight for this Saturday, the 2. March, approved. A day before the Start of the Mission, with the official name of Demo 1, it says: “Go for launch”. Around 8.49 PM German time, a Falcon to bring-9-rocket from the historic launch complex 39A at Cape Canaveral, Florida, the capsule Crew Dragon velvet wired Dummy in a space suit and Material for the International space station (see Infobox). On Sunday, she is scheduled to dock automatically to the ISS, and on the 8. March separation, the flight back to earth to compete and a little more than six hours later in the Atlantic ocean to land. So that’s the Plan.

for the First time since the decommissioning of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, the United States could demonstrate that you will soon be able to bring people into space. The dependence of Russia’s Soyuz rocket is to have an end. In April, Boeing wants to join Their Crew Space Transportation 100 Starliner, in short, the CST-100, then withdraw after the in the meantime, for the year 2018, the planned launch was postponed, for the first time.

the Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad 39A

It is a historic site in Florida, from which SpaceX controls the space: Launch Pad 39A. Apollo 11 flew from here to the moon. In 1981 space was from this launch, the first Shuttle, the U.S. space Agency Nasa launched the last in the year 2011.

With the end of the Shuttle program is the end for Launch Pad 39A came. The platform was broke for years, they rusted under the continuous influence of salt and Wind as a Symbol of a bygone Era. Then SpaceX took over. the

After extensive renovation began at the 19. February 2017 a rocket of the type of Falcon 9 from the ramp. People were not on Board, instead, the rocket wore eat around 2,500 kg load to the International space station. It was a first step, in order to make NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, a “multi-functional space station”, as it aspires to the authority according to its own information. the

SpaceX has also acquired rights to the use of platform 40. This, however, was badly damaged, as in September 2016, a rocket during the launch, it exploded.


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