It should be a Surprise to the lined, extra-occupational course of study: A one-week vacation in Mallorca, donated by a father to his daughter. Just stupid, that informed your employer about this gift until two hours after the normal commencement of duties. She apologized for this spontaneous Trip. However, as the employer requested, that they may appear in the workplace, she wrote a day later that she was already in Mallorca. Then terminated her.

Even if the young woman has not acted fraudulently, it is your Job. The labour court in Düsseldorf confirmed that the termination was lawful. The employee had violated their duty to go to work.

notice from hell How to cancel a really bad Job? Of course, toilet paper!

The two parties to the dispute have agreed to a timely notice and a severance payment – nevertheless, it should be clear: don’t Hold employees to the rules of the game in the operation, in danger of eviction. In our photo series, we introduce you to employment law, cases in which the termination took place.

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