In the cities of Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt camera-cars from Apple are now on the road. Starting Monday, you should go through Mannheim, Heilbronn, Augsburg, as well as various counties in Bavaria, Baden-Würtemberg, Hessen, and Saarland. By the end of September, more than 80 vehicles will take the areas under the magnifying glass. The aim of this action is to optimize the map function of the iPhone.

The data should improve in the first place, the Apple maps in iPhones, and other devices of the group, it said. Apple can pull out from the photos, among other things, information such as names of streets or shops, as well as traffic signs and road guide. The images could come in the future, but also in the new Panorama service “Look Around” to use Apple’s competitor to Google’s Street View.

Apple brings to “Look Around” on the market

“Look Around” lets users move on-screen by three-dimensional representations of streets. The function should be in the autumn, initially for a few selected areas such as the environment of San Francisco available.

faces and car license plates are pixelated in to Look Around – as in the case of Google’s Street View automatically. Users can request the deletion of raw data with the figure of persons or houses. This way, the group provides against a possible introduction of a Look Around in Germany and right at the Start of the camera car rides.

Before the Start in Germany Apple was with the Bavarian data protection officer in contact. The data from the vehicles are loaded on Apple servers in the United States.


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