the World is always drunk more alcohol. The result of an international study in the journal The Lancet (Manthey et al., 2019). The analysis of data from 189 countries, found that the alcohol consumption of the world’s population increased from 1990 to 2017, by 70 percent. The cause of growth, on the other, the higher the consumption per head of the population.

There were however large regional differences. While the consumption grew, for example, in China, India and Vietnam, it will be in the Eastern European countries of the high level significantly decreased. In Germany, the researchers observed a Stagnation with a slightly decreasing Trend. So in 1990, this country is still 16,32 litres of pure alcohol were drunk in 2010 12,95 Liter. In 2017, a slight increase on 13,05 Liter followed. For 2030, the scientists predict a further decline.

Worldwide potion of 1990, every person between 15 and 99 years of age-the equivalent of an average of 5.9 litres of pure alcohol. By 2017, this consumption increased to 6.5 liters. For the arrangement: half A Liter of beer contains about 20 grams of pure alcohol.

The Eastern European Moldova had in 2017, the highest consumption – 15 litres of pure alcohol per capita. In predominantly Muslim Kuwait, the value was less than 0.005 liters at least. The different Figures and developments of the scientists on factors such as Religion, health policy, and economic growth.

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