In the night from Saturday to Sunday we lose by the time changeover to summer time, one hour of sleep. The watches will be presented at 2 o’clock at night for an hour at 3 o’clock. the
in the Evening, it remains after the time change back an hour of daylight.

The abolition of the change between summer and winter time was recently introduced by a decision of the EU Parliament. It calls for an abolition of the time change in the year 2024. Before the final decision can come, the EU transport Ministers on a common line.

Ultimately, should any member state on the future of the scheme decide. The Federal government does not want to define a report according to which, whether in Germany, soon permanently in the summer time or the winter time. In our interactive visualization, you can simulate both variants for your place of residence. In all scenarios, you can see for every day of the year, when at your place of residence, the sun rises and sets. In addition, you can compare two places and see which place when more of the light of day.


The significantly different lengths over the course of a year depends on the orbit of the earth around the sun. The Northern hemisphere is inclined due to the Erdneigung a year and a half long-the sun (summer) and a half-year from the sun in the Winter) inclined away (. Our day-night-Simulation shows, as it also marked regional differences within Germany.



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