As you sit with your Smartphone in the subway and would like to bridge the waiting time, so why not fast a result of the favorite series move. But suddenly the App asks for it, the Information is free, whether you are active physically. Or So discovered last week some users, that Netflix had built a kind of Fitness Tracker in the App. Now the Streaming provider has explained this decision.

“Hey Netflix, why does your Android App data to my physical activity?” – with this Tweet expert “Beto on Security wondered security” for the first time publicly about the request on his Smartphone. Also, a Journalist from “The Next Web” noted that the App had saved on his Smartphone, the appropriate permission without his consent. And contacted Netflix.

The Netflix with the data before

While in the network, conspiracy theories proliferate to the request, the response of the Streaming-giant sober: “We constantly review the way we are able to offer our subscribers a better user experience. This was a Test on how we can improve the playback quality of Video, if the users are on the go.” It was also only a limited Test. “We do not plan currently to the to all users to expand,” says the group.

Streaming is the summer program of Netflix and Amazon Prime From the painted Mans

in fact, a General Roll-out of the Fitness inquiry would not be possible. The appropriate authority is only with Android Q, which appears only in the next weeks officially. So, in fact, very few people who have installed a test version is likely to be asked at all after that.

What could my Netflix with the improvement of the Streaming quality on the move, will be discussed since the known social networks such as Twitter or Reddit. So Netflix could offer, for example, a mode in which Comedy Specials only can be heard, suspect some users. Others believe it also to the fluctuations in signal strength while using the Streaming service on the Go. And others laughing, of course, prefer to around. Netflix wanted to examine whether the “chill”part is met, joked about “mxshimxshimxshi” on Twitter. Finally, Netflix and Chill is the most common invitation to casual Sex.

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