warning: This Text reveals the content of the current eighth season of “Game of Thrones” and from all of the previous seasons. Anyone who has not yet seen all the consequences, and rather wants to be surprised, stop reading.

It was one of the biggest Surprises in “Game of Thrones”: Out of Nothing finished Arya Stark in the latest episode of the battle of Winterfell, by prepared after a jump attack to the night’s king. The dagger she used in the process is likely to occur Fans very well known: He has in the series is an impressively long history and was once the shutter button of the game for the throne.

“Game of Thrones” “I thought everyone would hate it” – Maisie Williams says to get Arya’s big Moment Of the painted Mans dagger with story

But from the beginning: The first appearance of the dagger already in the second episode of the first season. An assassin snuck back through Winterfell to kill with the dagger to Bran Stark in his bed. Was in a coma, after Jaime Lannister had pushed him from the tower. The obvious suspicion of the audience: The Lannisters wanted to bring Jaime to the end, to cover up his affair with the Queen.

The Starks knew nothing about it. The first track, there was only, as Caytlins stark’s childhood friend Littlefinger got the dagger to face him and immediately knew. The dagger had belonged to him, he claimed. He had lost him in a bet, no less than Jaime’s brother Tyrion. This assertion sparked the feud between the Starks and the Lannisters – and, ultimately, the battle for the throne.

The dagger was Ned Stark in King’s landing. And was soon used against him. As he wants to deny Joffrey Baratheon, his throne to claim, him, small fingers in the back and holds the dagger to his throat. The consequences of the arrest, we have all still in memory.

After the dramatic events in King’s landing, the dagger disappears from the field of view of the spectator. Only in the seventh season, he appears to once again – in an ancient book. Samwell Tarley reads in the citadel about the weapons of the Valyrier and finds out that the eponymous steel dragon glass is made. The perfect weapon against the undead. In addition, the us well-known dagger:.

The right dagger in the right Hand

Shortly thereafter, we get it again self. In a first, weird-looking scene, finger passes the dagger to Bran Stark. He was a Symbol that he “would” do for the Stark family, he claims. Bran remains – as all – unimpressed. Probably, because he knows as dreiäugiger Raven for a long time, why the dagger is still needed.

Fantasy series “Game of Thrones”: This important record, you may have missed By Christoph Fröhlich

Because even though Bran is criticized by many Fans, that he did too little in the battle of Winterfell: The most important use of the dagger, he made it possible in the first place. He hands it to his sister Arya, claimed that he could do anything with it. Arya is for sure: the hated small finger with his own gun, stopped his intrigues for the throne. And saved the world from eternal darkness.

if you are asking yourself now, how the dagger came into the hands of the assassins, is to be found in the series, but no answers in the books. Jaime and Tyrion find out that the dagger was really lost of the small finger in a bet. Against king Robert. Somehow it had taken hold then Joffrey of the weapon and the Killer in order to Winterfell sent. Exceptionally, no nasty put time machination behind it: Joffrey saw the Dead, bran’s as an act of grace. A happiness that he had for nice Gestures, no hand-holding.

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