“It is early evening on a dark and rainy Tuesday in January. A young girl comes home from school. (…) There are some meters are up to the front door. A few meters up into the warm, familiar home, to the place of longing after a busy day. But what the young girl sees when looking at the house now, it’s suddenly solidification.”

It sounds like the beginning of a good crime fiction: A dark rainy day, a young girl, and, most important, an unexpected and obviously gruesome twist to the story.

But what reads like the work of a talented crime author, is in truth the product of a Social Media team. And while the Berlin police. As the basis of the history, which is applied to the gripping title of “The Stranger in the house” – in the ransom note-adhesive-Letter-fashion – bears, served a real police operation.

It is early evening on a dark and rainy Tuesday in January. A young girl comes home from school to…

Posted by police in Berlin on Wednesday, may 9. January 2019

The official press release is, by the way: “Two very attentive girls it is thanks to that the police were able to arrest the forces in niederschönhausen yesterday a suspected burglar.” That was that.

with feelings and reactions

pure PR, the person in charge of Facebook was Beefed up-but obviously bored. So let’s quickly “Out of the Box” thinking, and thanks to detailed descriptions, the emotions and reactions of the protagonists of a story written, you could read in a similar way in the star-Crime.

the giant coin is stolen, a Bank branch, destroyed in RAID on Berlin: The sensational cases of the families and Clans

Now the question: May the the at all? After all, it is the Job of the police to be a “friend and helper” and not a mystery writer. Objectivity, therefore, should be a Must, or? For officials in Berlin seems, but creativity cannot be ruled out. On a request of the “image” it says: “the aim is that the police of Berlin has the information sovereignty over their Actions.” The fairy tale should therefore create “acceptance and understanding of the police order”.

“Have you engaged about Claas Relotius?”

For some Facebook users seems to much of a Good thing. The beautiful writing is reminiscent of the recently revealed case of the “mirror”-author Claas Relotius. “Have you engaged about Claas Relotius?” or “Ah, a mirror of history,” for example, in the comments.

The majority of Users have this kind of police reporting, however. Since the post is online, he has collected already nearly 700 Likes. A User noted that the writer should think about an additional career. Another asks whether this is also in the report and, if so, he would like to read more of it.



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