at the End of the “numerus clausus” for medical students, new hospital card, increased effort on the digital… The project of law of health is supposed to bring better access to health care has started this Monday its legislative journey on Monday to the Assembly.

The text on “the organization and transformation of the health system” translated a part of the plan “My Health 2024”, detailed in September by Emmanuel Macron. It means, in particular, respond to the ageing population, increased chronic disease, or take account of technological developments.

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He intends to allow “better access to medical care on the territory”, according to the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn. Sign of the interest aroused, whereas the public services and health care are the recurring themes of the great national debate, the large number of amendments to the menu of the mps for the entire week, before a vote solemn on first reading Tuesday 26 march : rapporteur Thomas Mesnier (LREM) expects “between 2500 and 3000”.

Criticism of the opposition

Without necessarily share the same observation on the merits, the opposition of the right as on the left agree to rescind the entitlement to proceed by orders on several issues, in particular the revision of the hospital card, with missions redefined for “hospitals near me”.

Jean-Pierre Door (LR), it was criticized in the commission of a text “written in haste” and that “still unclear”, while Paul Christophe (IDU-Act) said his “frustration” in the face of a project that “makes the dead end on the parliamentary debate” for “nearly a third” of the text. The minister is committed to associate “closely” the parliamentary ordinances.

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one of The measures flagship seems to be relatively consensus : the abolition of the “numerus clausus” and the formidable competition limiting the number of students admitted in second year of medical school, midwives, dental, or pharmacy. A yoke is supposed to go away in September 2024, which will”increase of 20% roughly the number of trained doctors,” according to Agnès Buzyn.

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The licensed pharmacists to dispense medicines without a prescription Law health : the Assembly rétropédale on the compulsory internship in the “medical deserts” Remains at zero-load : the first mutual of France will apply as of July

other topics added by the board : meps have notably allowed pharmacists to dispense under certain conditions of medications normally prescription for a mild illness, despite the “reservations” of the minister.


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