The Central Bank has approved additional measures to support citizens and the economy

Photos: Moscow 24/Nikita simoneau

the Central Bank adopted additional measures on support of the citizens, the economy and the financial sector in a pandemic coronavirus. This is stated on the website of the Central Bank.

the Central Bank recommends to banks to restructure foreign currency loans to borrowers affected by the coronavirus.

the Central Bank Also recommended that the credit Bureau does not take account of restructuring of debts of citizens when calculating their credit rating. The report said that the Central Bank prepares the relevant proposals for amendments to the law “On credit histories”. It clarifies that we are talking about the period from 1 March to 30 September of the current year.

Vladimir Putin in his televised address to Russians announced the possibility of extending the debt in the event of a fall in the monthly income of more than 30%. He stressed that the solvency of citizens of the loan is at risk in connection with the coronavirus. In this regard, Putin ordered to establish a “vacation” as mortgage and consumer loans.

Earlier, the Russian banks reported an increase in the number of complaints about the closure of deposits and withdrawal of cash from the accounts. The authors attribute this to the information about the new tax on interest income on deposits in the amount of one million rubles. Initially, the order and timing of innovations, the Russians did not explain why many people do not understand it, believe in banks. They believe this can cause a “run on the banks”.

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