Jean-François Piège sharing with you each Saturday on The a recipe by putting it on the front of the plate a seasonal product. The chief 2-star Grand Restaurant in Paris will reveal to you today one of the signatures that he used The Chicken to the Pot, his bistro as a high-flying near les Halles in the 1st arrondissement : its cep mushrooms with parsley. Treasures of greed that accompany his quasi of veal in the oven escorted a cream savagnin. A pure delight. Now it is up to you to do it again. Enjoy !

The recipe : porcini mushrooms with parsley

The market
Porcini, 1 garlic, 1 generous bunch of persil, duck fat

In a furnace
Do not wash mushrooms, but be careful that there are no worms. Scratch feet and wipe. Cut the mushrooms in large pieces, while separating it from the heads of the feet. Melt the duck fat in a casserole over low heat (it is possible to replace the duck fat with olive oil). Scatter in the heads in the first place, because they are more firm. Cook 3 minutes and salt them lightly. Get then the feet and continue to cook for ten minutes, then add salt. Drain the porcini mushrooms through a sieve and let cool to room temperature. Keep the juice of the mushrooms mixed with the duck fat.

still Take a little bit of duck fat, and made it back in the cooker. Color slightly the mushrooms without a lid. Add salt if needed. Let brown the mushrooms. Drain.

start with the first juice from the porcini mushrooms and pour it into the casserole to deglaze the juices. Remove the porcini mushrooms and let them heat a few minutes. Drain. Book at room temperature.

Pour a trickle of water in the cooker. Put back in the mushrooms. Add finely chopped garlic. Let cook the whole for 20 seconds and include the persil finely chopped. At the very end, put a generous turn of pepper mill.

Divide the porcini mushrooms in a vegetable seller. Eat them alone or pair with a white fish, a chicken or a roast.

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