The coronavirus can deprive of Russians of cash

As the Chinese experienced the rejection of paper money-said Andrey Guzeev, who lives and works in Harbin.

People were panicking when they realized that they will have to forget about paper currency?

– At some point the cash has stopped taking in all the shops of China, – says Andrey Guzeev. But China – not Russia. Here everything has been using the payments “Vichat” is Facebook, viber, instagram, file sharing, news, navigation, ticketing, payment of goods in online stores and payment in any store, shop at the market using the QR-code. Can interest-free transfer money to each other, and much more. For example, “map of health” the Chinese also get through “Vichat”.

What is this program “Vichat”?

– This program is for everyone Chinese. There’s a complicated registration system. To register you need a passport/ID, the phone number is registered to the owner and a Bank card. Plus you need confirm friends. That is, your account is a very important thing, you enjoy all the “Goodies” of the digital economy.

Turns out, in cash and without the epidemic in China, few people used it?

Cash a long time out of circulation. The first thing you get in China is to go without purse and Bank cards, and all payments be made via the application “Vichat” and QR codes.

a year in China, I have cash held in my hands twice until I opened a Chinese Bank account and is not registered in the system WechatPay.

– And in the villages as is the case, it is unlikely that the elderly have a modern phone?

– In remote villages use cash only to those who have no smartphone. Cheap smartphones and the loans for them – one of the steps to the era of “Wichita” and cashless payment. I’d add, use WechatPay very convenient. Everything is thought out and works like a clock.

There is another payment system “Alipay” – each Chinese EUyou and she, as a backup. China’s long era of cashless payments. Even the street musicians, under the feet, instead of open cases of stuff are neat stands with the QR code of a musician in “Vacate”. It can be used to translate the musician money and at the same time to learn all about this man.

But privacy settings allow you to hide from strangers any of your personal information. By the way, one of the punishments for those who spread false rumors about coronavirus was the blocking of the account in the “Wichte”. And this is a terrible measure, as according to the essence of a person disconnected from all the social networks, accontact, the ability to make payments, and more. When you lock your options are immediately limited. You can’t buy train tickets, plane, make online purchases. And some conventional stores in China have long does not accept cash.

– Such measures were in force?

– This measure is allowed to stop the bubble of panic in Chinese society. Big role in stopping the epidemic and peaceful quarantine was developed online trading, online orders of food and produce and a well-functioning logistics system in the country and delivery services. A great contribution to the fight against the virus introduced “kvaydi”, couriers delivery services, who worked tirelessly the whole time, supplying the population with everything necessary.

we Can conclude: Russia to China, as the moon. Moreover, many retirees still use a push-button phone, with which can not be settled even buckwheat in the store.

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