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Princess Diana (1961-1997) is said to have held talks about a role in “Bodyguard 2”. The had betrayed Kevin Costner (64) already in 2012. In an Interview with the “People’s TV”Show “Couch Surfing,” said the actor now plans to convince the famous Briton, the successor of Whitney Houston (1963-2012) to compete. The singer starred in “the Bodyguard” in 1992, the main role alongside Costner.

“I remember that [Diana] was incredibly sweet on the phone, and they asked the question: ‘Will we have a kiss scene?'”, the 64-year-old actor recalls a conversation with the Ex-wife of Prince Charles (70). She was worried about the public reaction to a screen kiss, so Costner, “because your life is very regimented,” as he believes. He got them calmed down and explained to her: “Yes, there will be a little bit of it, but we can also bring in order.”

the contact came to be

The contact to Diana at the time I made Sarah Ferguson (59), said Costner. Of this he has a high opinion: “she was the one who set it up, and she has never said: ‘And what of me? I am also a Princess.’ She has supported the idea just like that,” he said about the Ex-wife of Charles’ brother, Prince Andrew (59). The screenplay to the proposed film project will not be able to read a Diana, however, she died at 31. August 1997 following a car accident in Paris.

Costner has not only reported about the conversation with Diana. Prior to that, he had betrayed that on the “Bodyguard”Poster of the 1992 Whitney Houston is. The Black-and-White image, on the Costner a woman is wearing through the rain, and in security, is world-renowned. “Entertainment Weekly” said Costner now about it: “it was actually Whitney.” The had already gone home “and it was her Double that has buried his head in my shoulder – which was already installed”. After all, your role have felt in the scene of fear.



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