The national Rally (24 %) takes the lead in voting intentions for the european elections in front of The Republic in March (21 %) at one month before the election, according to a survey OpinionWay-Tilder released Thursday. The elbow-to-elbow until then the RN earns 1 point in a month and the list macroniste loses 2.

This is the second time that the national Rally is given in the lead, after a first breakthrough on Friday to 22.5% in the survey daily of the Fifg.

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In the third position, the list of the party The Republicans also earns 1 point, to 14 %, again far ahead of that of France insubordinate who wins, 2 to 9 % and is approaching the symbolic threshold of 10 %, according to the survey for The Echos and Radio Classique.

The lists with EELV (7 %) and the socialist Party/public Place (6 %) have remained stagnant, however, and that of Standing the France lost 2 points to 4 %. Generation.s (+1), the PCF (=) and the IDU (=) are credited with 3 %, and the other lists are at 1 %. 22% of respondents have not expressed any intention of voting.

The interest for the campaign to 52 %

participation in The election of may 26 is estimated to be 40 % (-1) of the electoral body, in withdrawal compared to the actual participation in 2014 (42,4). On the eve of the announcements of Emmanuel Macron to close the grand debate, the interest for the campaign of the european drop of 5 percentage points to 52%, and 47 % (+7) of respondents do say that they are “not interested”.

The French are less likely to want to express their opposition (41 %, -1) or their support (10 %, -3) Emmanuel Macron and his government on the occasion of the European. Such an attitude is not “essential” for 46 % (+5) of them.

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Debate : populism is he the future of Europe ? Less than 40% of Europeans know that the elections are held in may the European : how is the RN offers a very attractive for its “borrowing patriotic”

this Survey was conducted online from may 17 to 18 and from 22 to 23 April, from 1 965 people registered on the electoral lists, according to the method of quotas. Margin of error of 1 to 2.2 percentage points. Voting intentions do not constitute a profit forecast but an indication of the strength ratio on the day of the survey.


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