The Federation Council was going to cancel customs duties on a strange set of goods

for Example, as imported rabbit meat, orange pulp and puree cherries will help to overcome the impact of the epidemic? Meanwhile, the products mentioned in the list at zero duty.

an Extraordinary meeting of the Federation Council will be held on Tuesday, the last day of March. MPs will discuss amendments to the legislation aimed at the support of the citizens and increase of responsibility for violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules.

Sources “MK” reported that, in particular, for the universal pandemic, the senators can reset import duties on some kinds of foreign products needed to combat coronavirus. We will remind, such as zero import duties on socially important goods, were reflected in the anti-crisis plan of the government in mid-March.

Independent experts fear that such a privilege will want to use unscrupulous businessmen, and the country will flood tons of imported goods, not connected, actually, with the noble goal of “zeroing”. Ultimately an unplanned advantage in the market will be those who to the rescue of the Russian population and economy from the terrible contagion is irrelevant.

for Example, exemption from customs duties may be allowed to import rabbit meat, frozen fruits and berries (without this ingredient you can’t produce a wide range of food, including baby food, curd, yoghurt), fruit pieces, medications from Belgium type: Inulin, Fibrulin, Instant, say, polyethylene and other types of packaging as well as the equipment and parts that are used in the production of a wide range of dairy products and much more.

a List that has “MK”, raises many questions. For example, as imported rabbit meat, orange pulp and puree cherries will help to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus? Another question: how much do domestic manufacturers need to be listed imported components? Has there someone an appropriate analysis?

market Players stress that two-thirds of all these products safely produced in Russia, and the uncontrolled flow of imports can destroy our industry is experiencing in the current situation, considerable difficulties, and to deal a serious blow to the wallets of the already impoverished population.

In the current environment it is extremely important to support domestic producers and consumers that are experiencing difficulties in connection with the quarantine measures and the fall of the ruble, said the Director of the Academy of management Finance and investment Mr. Dadashov. “The rising cost of production caused by neopaganism imports, with the current financial uncertainty may lead to a significant fall in demand, — the expert emphasizes. — Now the country is in fairly harsh conditions of retaliatory sanctions, which managed to adapt to domestic companies”.

At the same time, Dadashev believes that zero duties should apply to individual products that are not produced in sufficient quantities in Russia and are purchased abroad.

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