How to reassure a sick child before it gets to the operating theatre ? Difficult, if not impossible, especially when the parents are just as anxious. Nurse anesthetist in the university hospital of Rennes since 2001, Nolwenn Febvre could not withstand these scenes are painful. “I was coming back home with the cries of the children in mind”, she says. Nolwenn is given then mission to provide a peaceful environment for the young patients. First step in 2011 : to provide stuffed animals to children. Any chance, the nurse wrote a mail to the company Moulin Roty, a Cooperative that manufactures stuffed animals near the town of Nantes, asking him if he would not, in the stock, a few stuffed toys too. A few days later, she receives a box full that will make you jump for joy all the patients in the department of pediatrics. Les P’tits Doudous are born. Joined by two colleagues, Nolwenn decides to renew the operation. To be able to finance the regular delivery of lint, the nurse has the clever idea of re-selling the copper content in the son of esus. Each year, 2 tons of wires are laid in the hospital ! For 1 ton of materials, the association receives 1 500 euros. “Recycling has become the business model of our association. It is even more enjoyable when you are participating in the sustainable development,” says the founder. Moulin Roty, in the adventure since the start and continues to provide the stuffed toys at very attractive prices.

there Remains the question of the separation with the parents. Never short of ideas, Nolwenn Febvre wants to transform the path to the block in a fun tour. What could be more immersive as new technologies to achieve this ? A designer in bordeaux, the engineers of the company rennes Niji invest, the first prize of the foundation B. Braun provides the financial boost, and the application of “The hero, it’s you” sees the light of day in 2014. With tablets, the little patients to discover their room, the corridors of the hospital, the path up to the block… Thanks to avatars, they meet with the nursing staff that surrounds them. Even their parents are present in the photo, which facilitates the separation before the operation.

The initiative has had a resonance in all the hospitals of France. Nearly 45 associations Les P’tits Doudous have seen the light of day, in as many establishments up in French Polynesia and in New Caledonia. A national structure has been created this year. Winner of the Entrepreneur award EY in 2017, The France undertakes and Ashoka this year, Nolwenn Febvre continues to exercise his craft in her service, where the laughter has taken the ascendant over the crying.

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“Nolwenn perfectly embodies the spirit of Ashoka : it demonstrates that, from a small initiative, we can achieve great things, up to take a national dimension. It also brings his own professional experience in the workplace. This is a woman of land, which contributes much to its success. This allows them to be better informed, waste of time and money in the achievement of its objectives. The professionals are also winners with Les P’tits Doudous, since reassured patients, it means better working conditions. Finally, his plan is duplicable, in particular in the domain of childhood, where it is necessary to prevent injuries.”


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