Nobody stays voluntarily in an airport hotel. Usually the circumstances are anything other than happy. The reasons range from a missed up to in the short term, cancelled flight. Add to that some of the house makes a devastated impression that the device is interchangeable and the cost for an Overnight stay are outrageously high.

a stay in an Airport Hotel can also be a positive experience, promises to be a hotel project at New York’s Kennedy Airport. After years of vacancy, a meeting of the former TWA Flight Center, the centre with a spectacular Hotel.

TWA-Hotel Retro in the style of the 60s

Directly in front of the futuristic building by the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen in the early 60s, was put under monument protection, rise, now, in a semi-circle, two new parts of the building, in which the 512 guest rooms are housed. And how just, to give it to one of the two roofs a nearly 20-Meter-long swimming pool that is not closed in the Winter. The temperature of the water is heated to Jacuzzi temperature, and is 37 degrees.

“Our Pool on the roof offers a view of the JFK runway as the air traffic controllers,” says Tyler Morse, the main investor in the hotel project. “There is simply no better place in the world to watch planes and enjoy a Cocktail.”


at the end of March on a tour of advertising on Times Square in Manhattan: The refurbished Lockheed Constellation 1649A from the 50s with stewardesses in Retro costumes

©Timothy A. Clary, AFP

the model for this roof landscape is the famous Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on the Mediterranean sea at the town of Cannes. This luxury hotel belongs to the German Oetker Hotel Management.

Another Highlight: Old TWA plane as the Bar

On the free surface between the two Hotel bars will soon be a four-engined propeller aircraft will be towed. The more than 60-year-old Lockheed Constellation has in the meantime received the original painting of the airline company Trans World Airlines. Recently, she was towed on a low loader through Manhattan to Times Square.

The Look also serve “Connie” aircraft and is more than just an eye catcher: In the Interior of the fuselage of flight attendants with costumes in Retro soon the hotel guests their Drinks. The opening of the TWA-Hotels is planned for mid-may, 2019.


TWA the Hotel: journey back in time to the 1960s: a visit to the Retro-Lounge over the roofs of Manhattan Fullscreen

round Retro shapes to receive the visitors in the 86. Floor of One World Trade Center in Manhattan…

©Till Bartels

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