Almost three weeks after his Disappearance has been found a Patient dead on the grounds of a hospital in Hildesheim. The corpse of the 67-Year-old was discovered by a hospital employee on Friday randomly in bushes, the police announced on Monday. The man was toppled, according to the investigation from the third floor.

Hildesheimer Patient has been since the new year

missing He has been missing since new year’s day. All of the previous search measures in accordance with the disoriented man had remained, therefore, unsuccessful. Among other things, a helicopter and a passenger-sniffing dog, the police had been looking for the disoriented patient on the premises of the clinic, but not found. References to third-party negligence in the death of the man, as a result, according to police. His injuries the man died, judging by the fall.

The body of a 67-Year-old could not be perceived in the Bush “” it said. A member of the body noticed now by chance, as she opened a window.

km / DPA / AFP


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