Due to a polar bear plague have to call the authorities on the Russian island of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic sea a state of emergency. Since December, the bears approached again and again the human settlements in the Arkhangelsk Region, reports the news Agency Tass. At least 52 animals were sighted in the vicinity of Beluschja Guba, main town of the island. Up to ten bears were there constantly.

Local media report that some of the animals have already attacked people and in houses and offices to be penetrated. “The people are afraid. Are you afraid to leave your home. Parents are afraid to let their children in the school or in the Kindergarten,” said the Governor of the Region.

Some bears would hunt people, “literally,” said the head of a local authority, Schiganscha Musin. He lived since 1983 on the island, but a collection of so many bears he had never experienced before. On Novaya Zemlya, only a few Thousand people live.

For protection against the animals were placed in the vicinity of kindergartens, additional fencing, and personnel on Novaya Zemlya stationed Russian air force and air defense troops with special vehicles to work. According to Tass, there is against the polar bears are also patrols, but the measures have not yet brought the desired success. The bears could not be a dog or a patrol car scare you.

polar bears due to climate change South TIME ONLINE

polar bears are on the Red list of endangered animal species. Therefore, a permit to shoot the bear had been at first granted, – was stated in the Tass report. This could change, however, should not relax the situation on Novaya Zemlya.

reason for the large number of polar bears visiting human settlements, are likely to be the effects of climate change: the melting of the Arctic ice, the animals migrate increasingly to the South, to look at Land for food. The polar bears lead, according to experts from the Sewertsow-Institute for Ecology and Evolution in Moscow, in villages such as on Novaya Zemlya. “As there are containers with edible waste, stop walking,” said a scientist who confirmed that in the area currently, as many polar bears as never seen.


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