The Russians explained the terms of remuneration on a non-working week

the Ministry has explained that the availability in March and April of 2024 non-working days is not a ground for reduction of wages – must be paid in full. In this case the payment should not be increased, because the upcoming “vacation” do not apply to weekends or public holidays.

If the employee is on vacation, the period from March 30 to April 3 in the number of days of his stay are not included, said the Ministry.

the Agency also listed the organisations to which the output of the week does not apply. So, will continue to perform their duties emergency services, hospitals, and pharmacies, banks, shops and transport.

Earlier, Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova said that the city authorities at the end of next week will decide whether to extend holidays, declared because of the situation with coronavirus. She explained that all implemented measures are designed only for one week.

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