The frustration is deep. Very deep. It can, and wants to make Kai Häfner no secret. “I’m disappointed, I’m sad,” says the player in an interview with the star. “You only have once in a lifetime Chance of a world Cup in their own country.” But the tournament, which Germany and Denmark to align together, it will be opened in Berlin on Thursday without Häfner. The 29-Year-old was nominated as little as Tobias Reichmann, the national coach Christian Prokop at the last Moment out of the squad line.

Häfner and Reichmann: the heroes of the Euro 2016

There are values decisions made by the Coach. He has decided against the two players, with sensational EM-Triumph from the year 2016 very closely linked. Häfner, who scored in spectacular semi-final three years ago, in the last second of extra-time winning goal at the 34:33; two days later, in the final against Spain (24:17), was Häfner of the best German scorer. Reichmann, in turn, was the most successful German cannons against Norway, and even of the whole tournament and was subsequently nominated for the All-Star Team.

the final line-up world Cup squad reduced: Prokop strokes Reichmann and Suton dpa

However, per capita income places on the services of the two men in the best basketball age at the Moment, no value. Instead, Youngster Franz Semper is in the squad, the per capita income from joint Leipziger times is familiar with and has without question has also its qualities. And yet, the personnel provides for discussions in Handball-Germany, especially since Procopius after the botched EM in the previous year – was it is his first tournament as a Federal trainer already under pressure. “You will not hear me complaining,” says haefner, “but I also admit honestly, that I am of the opinion that I deserved it, to be part of the squad.”

the aim of the semi-finals in Hamburg

the captain of The TSV Hannover-Burgdorf will follow the tournament now, but also in front of the TV as his colleague from Melsungen. “I push the guys the thumbs,” he says, “the team has a strong goalkeeper, a sturdy defence and is able to reach the semi-finals in Hamburg.” This objective will need to Procopius. Anything else would be a disappointment.

For Häfner and Reichmann, there is still a small remainder of hope, because the Trainer may nachnominieren up to three players over the course of the tournament. Häfner knows of this constellation, well, he was already pushed to 2016, only late to the Team after Steffen Weinhold was seriously injured. However, he does not want to think about this Chance currently, “because I’m just crazy.” Instead, he will focus on his club, which starts parallel to the world Cup with the preparation for the Bundesliga. “But then if the phone rings, I’ll be ready,” says haefner.

“Who knows Kai, knows that he wishes no wrong to anyone. But he would be right there when we need him,” Prokop said in December about Häfner. Words of appreciation, he formulated now about Reichmann. There are sets that are currently of no consolation. Because both EM-heroes would have been very happy on Thursday against Korea in the hall. “I still have to try to quickly tick off. Such moments belong to the Sport,” says haefner. And pushes afterwards: “Unfortunately.”

Handball national team’s triumphs and disappointments: The German world Cup history

Three world Cup triumphs, a total of ten medals – the world Cup-history of the German Handball teams is rich in. But there were also many disappointments. A stroll through the finals.



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