The survival of Ukrainians in coronavirus became an economic shock

In Kiev, the economic shock – the power encroached on the sacred! By the evening of Tuesday 24 March in the capital of Ukraine by order of the city Council “to improve the epidemiological situation” covered all the stalls that was selling takeaway Shawarma and brewed coffee. Street stalls and coffee – are most numerous and diverse institutions in Kiev, making it so cozy and comfortable. Kiosks and pavilions with Shawarma of course they are inferior in numbers, but not many. The number of conventionally “unemployed” in Kiev after these measures have only increased.

Before the same Kiev city Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety of their decisions were allowed to remain in the shop more than one person per 10 m2, and then the officials stopped the use of children’s and sports grounds – most of them are now tied with security belts. A walk in the Park and near the Dnieper, apparently the next victims.

Major grocery shopping centers, not being able to check that the number of visitors to the new normal, from Tuesday put guards at the entrance without a mask now to enter the stores the buyer can not be! Masks in pharmacies is still not.

Business is suffering and groaning, but sometimes longer breaks discontent. On Tuesday in the capital of Ukraine-controlled part of Donetsk region city of Kramatorsk at a protest rally against the closure due to quarantine markets came merchants. Fifty sellers, brought a petition signed by numerous buyers and a half hundreds workers of the markets – traders lose money, many have loans, someone need suppliers for the goods, someone this product has got corrupted.

the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that all companies, except for “critical industrial infrastructure” should be closed, and workers to stay home, now among entrepreneurs rather unpopular person. Especially for the final sentence of his post from March 21: “the losses and compensation will think about it and decide later when to live!”

Kiev We increasingly immersed in the quarantine, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in one of his appeals predicted that isolation would improve the demographics. But while it is clear that wealthy men and women in isolation is much more tightly sat at pending favorite purchase during the first week of quarantine (from 16-22 March) compared with the previous week sales of new cars increased in Ukraine to 74%! General Director of the Ukrainian information-analytical group Auto-Consulting Oleg Omelnitsky on its Facebook page proudly wrote that “on the 21st day of March have a growth of 36% in sales of new passenger cars in comparison with February.”

a Jump in sales of motor vehicles maintained at the highest level of 3.5 million (145 thousand dollars) it is not time spent on the new personal a Mercedes luxury the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak. His car is now for the opposition as a red flag, which is waving vigorously in the face of a rapidly impoverished voters. However, this growth fizzles out – the second week of quarantine on March 23, all dealers in Ukraine are closed and the sale of cars, like everything else, has gone online. In this riot of luxury with a more pronounced anger see ordinary Ukrainians – those without free 3.5 million for the soul.

the Majority after the free month of holiday in may there will be nothing to pay for communal. Search earnings is the key to survival. Bring remote access what seems absolutely impossible to get them, trying everything. In my area posts about online sales and locations of new sites are hanging in almost every room store a used German appliances, a workshop for repairing and selling computers, mini-printer, which is on call ready to send a couple of employees in the workplace to carry out an urgent order.

This applies not only to Kiev. “We just boom, all the machines are busy chasing the villages carrying refrigerators, televisions purchased and Zachyour dealer via the Internet!” – says the businessman from Mariupol, which usually earns the conveying of mail and Express goods to the local five used cars of different carrying capacity.

Small shops teach “their” customers pre-call and order products. “I’m the mistress of the pavilion this month raised the rent 15 thousand per month, and then Klitschko has threatened to close, the new Minister of health requires a state of Emergency, I should be ready to work on just a regular customer with a closed shop or even an apartment! The markets are closed, farmers good product at a reasonable price in the street is no more – that might work!” tells me the owner is a dealer shop, where more than one client can not be space from the door to the counter are definitely less than 10 m2, but around full of people, the skyscrapers of the concrete jungle of Kiev Poznyaki district. Range it compact – chicken, veal, pork, eggs, and farm fragrant oil.

Millions of people sat down in the quarantine – they are trying remotely to feed, provide services, sell the leisure and training. Stocks go one after another – a nationally-known bookstore chain went online and announces free delivery and price cuts of up to 60%. Online movie theaters lure trial “quarantine” period for a fee of 1 hryvnia. “You know, yesterday I spent the last full-time private French lesson at home, from today all classes parents assign Skype, the money will be forward to the map!” – I said in surprise an elderly teacher in the Kiev district Podil her services are quite in demand.

From hand to hand pass the reliable vendors of the masks, one of the most famous entrepreneur of the city Koziatyn Vinnytsia region. Six months ago in her workshop had two seamstresses, she is now on the page in Facebook intersperses ads recruitment professionals with photos funny cotton masks ladybugs, the strawberries, the flowers, but with dense angle for the nose and a special white lining. Individual orders are accepted for families of the mask are sent to the “New mail”.

Now everyone checks your circle of friends, a close clientele, their own abilities and capabilities to turn that in at least some money. Someone just goes in a taxi – car has many, but the customers are less. In Kiev, in each district created a separate group in the telegram and viber to arrange delivery to work of fellow travelers – for the price of gasoline. Agree with PM, the mask on the face is a requirement.

Large chain of supermarkets crammed with orders for groceries delivered to the house closest to my home promises to give a lift to my Suite of products, detergents and household chemicals in seven or eight days from the date of payment! Local services grocery deliveries grow in the eyes just out of nothing – in your favorite small cafe arranged their delivery service and was immediately teamed up with two neighboring restaurants, dramatically expanding the range of food. About the proper design of a new direction or checks no one really thinks – now there are only police verification to trade in the premises, the tax Inspectorate on quarantine.

Yesterday, in distance order in Kyiv cafes to corporate meat I was offered, and cotton medical mask – they started making the wife of one of the waiters, the prices are 20% more expensive than in Kozyatin, but much faster shipping.

According to official statistics, every day in Ukraine returns to 15 thousand “guest workers” from Europe. Also rare in the fashion industry, they are bringing a no supply of money, skills and desire to work. As they spend at home the first week of unexpected vacation, soon they will start to run out of money. Sources “MK” in the circles of developers claim that the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko temporarily banned even type in service at home and give the owners of new apartments keys to those not dragged into the city maintenance crews from the regions.

the Government hasn’t thought what to do with these samae unemployed brigade, is going to solve the problems of economy “then” wants to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus by rigid quarantine as quickly as possible until may. About it on television said the Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Yulia Kovaliv. According to her, the quarantine – the main way out of economic crisis. What do you think the direct victim of this cocktail of crisis quarantine we’ll find out very soon. Patient people – recognized by all the Ukrainian deficit.

Ukrainian province – all on sale

Zhytomyr, the second week of wallowing in emergency mode, gradually becomes accustomed to the coronavirus pandemic. Residents of the province, and this is not too wealthy, looking for and sometimes find new (or well forgotten old) ways to survive in extremely difficult for a depressed region economic situation.

– You, as I can see, at the cottage going? Prepare the vegetable garden for potatoes? The police are not afraid?

– Yes well them, what can they do? Fined for violation of quarantine? Let him try to catch up…

This dialogue between two middle-aged musiccome with shovels and rakes correspondent “MK” overheard at Coverscom moving one of the cities of Zhytomyr region. Ukrainian police is really hardly enough personnel to run every citizen, “flagrant violation of the established regime” in his economy. “Potato theme” in conversations countrymen now confidently pushed “to the margins” the usual, “why without mask go?”. Because it is only grown in their own garden vegetables and fruits will save residents of the Ukrainian Polesye from the coming on them of hunger and prolonged lack of money.

Directly borders with Ukraine, Poland was not afraid to highlight the needs of private industry $37 billion, during the period of the pandemic on its territory is not stopped none of the plant and the poles lost the opportunity of ZARwear. In Ukraine, the authorities of such luxury against its own citizens can not afford. Or not.

the Authorities concerned to themselves to jump on the virus. Trade masks, which in Ukrainian pharmacies not find, we’ve got just the “viral nature”. On one major Kiev the factory the monthly salary of employees given “nature. On “free” money bought medical masks, which were successfully resold in one of the European countries.

Such operations sin and in institutions where these products are imported for the needs of their own staff and procure government money. It is said that all the masks are currently sold cleaned and these same “leaders in medicine” passed by the sales quantities of ether for anesthesia.

In every industry are now trying to find their “gold mine” to secure the existence. The railroad, for example, pushing left unspent in flight diesel fuel, as well as “steal” some details of the equipment with the purpose of resale. It is not surprising that the work in the locomotive depot even his ordinary locksmiths come in expensive cars.

However, a real “lifesaver” for what railroad, what other owners of “iron horses” in those days the quarantine was conveying the people of the towns and villages.

Regular train and bus service between the settlements of Polesie “frozen” until the 3rd of April. Rumor has it that after the ban on the carriage of passengers will be extended for another 2 weeks. Officially registered taxi companies are engaged in carrying passengers at the rate of 8-10 hryvnia per kilometer. But part of the “bombed” overstate the value of their services. So save the “private traders”.

Judging by their appearance some of my friends motorists, loading these days they are incredible. Someone asks to take out cut off from the outside world of the village two or three people in procurement in the district or regional center. These “delegated gramadoth citizens” gaining and neighbors food for the week ahead. Because of them, the management of the largest retailers of companies have imposed restrictions on the acquisition of a citizen water and drinks (no more than 12 units) and other goods (not more than 5 in one hand). By the way, the prices in the stores carried for a while with a week in “gently”, gradually began to grow. Especially on alcohol and fruits and vegetables. If you look closely, the torque-other progressively more expensive almost all.

in your next video Vladimir Zelensky promised Ukrainians, whose pension is less than 5 thousand hryvnia (about 10 thousand rubles), to pay after 1 April to 1 thousand. Since may 1, seven million Ukrainian pensioners are guaranteed to index the payments from the state.

Where will this assistance? Most likely, them again, “draw.” That is simply printed new banknotes backed by nothing

Hello, I am not local, can I ask something?

Puny peasant 30 years, proudly seated in a luxury “Lexus”, speaks with a noticeable southern accent. Prepared to give a detailed response about the location of anything in my town, not without frustration hear from the supposedly “superintendent” pitiful story about escaped from the construction site in connection with the coronavirus workers. And now “the foreman” happy to sell me a few useful domestic models of construction equipment at ridiculous price in one thousand hryvnias.

swindler I Express what I think of his Scam. The fact that the repair in the homes of my countrymen and capital stroyraboty in and around the city are just now experiencing a real boom. It’s easy to spot for placed almost every residential home dozens of bags of construction debris lying next door cartons, secondhand plinths and other splendor.

taking Advantage of the quarantine, the owners of apartments and houses in a hurry to produce in his home is scheduled for summer or autumn renovation. All business and buildflax stores hourly delight their owners with the influx of buyers. And workers in the city every week becoming more and more. On the days of the Baltic countries is only in Zhytomyr region wished to return or 60, or 70 highly qualified professionals

March 29, from Moscow to Kiev train No. 905 will drive approximately 800 Ukrainian workers, “work hard” at various construction sites in Russia. All of them, at least for the next 3-4 months, has already received orders from more or less wealthy Ukrainians. Of course, the prices for work performed in nezalezhnoy will be smaller than the current in the Russian cities. However, people will still take everything. Just because you are not used to “idle”.

“udalenka” in the local stroiarsenal employees are released very rarely. Except that programmers, which require anyway to be in constant connection with the construction bosses.

public sector Employees before the quarantine was encouraged: the size of the accrued salaries during this time does not diminish nor on the hryvnia. Teachers of secondary schools and schools of arts are advised to be in touch with their students via Viber or Votsap. Some of my friends are teachers, however, complain: already went the second week of quarantine, and their disciples are not in a hurry at least know their Viber address. So to remotely control the process of home training does not work.