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Of his kitchen to read can see that Jens have the country of Utopia, on a screen at the top left of the window. Utopia is stalking in your Box through the straw. Kicking and quite slim, the untrained eye looks at her the pregnancy. Soon, your offspring will be. Have country wants to be there when it is so far, therefore, he is watching Utopia on his Monitor, so he goes for the time being not to travel, he does so, the cows go.

Jens have country farmer. He and his wife run a farm in Schleswig-Holstein, 320 animals, a large proportion of dairy cows in the breed Red Holstein, brown-and-white piebald coat. Many of the calves to pull the have country large, that they, too, are cattle to your milk, but some of the cattle run, as it is then: marketing. The County only animals for which the Veterinarian, a so-called Vorattest issued are allowed to leave. This is done, the cow of your stay.

Utopia would have been a candidate, says Jens Haveland. In normal times he would have been able to sell well, possibly in one of the countries far away from Schleswig-Holstein, where you pay for use in pregnant cows high prices. In normal times, Utopia would be now, perhaps, on a cattle Transporter, and would have gone for a week around, for example, to Uzbekistan. Utopia is stalking but yet through your Box, because the times, in Schleswig-Holstein are not normal: outraged veterinarians, anxious farmers, angry cattle dealer, and reports of animal cruelty, which are hard to bear.

in mid-February announced the Amtsveterinäre in Rendsburg-Eckernförde and Steinburg, livestock shipments out of their country is no longer circling in 14 countries outside of the EU (“third countries”) to authorise, until Further notice, including Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. On Monday of this week, the Ministry of agriculture imposed in Kiel, finally, a four-week Moratorium for the entire state. Elsewhere, things are in motion. In Bavaria, the competent Ministry of the environment decided as early as last week, cattle in third countries for the time being. In other provinces, is pending. The actors are waiting for a “nationally coordinated action”.

Why the excitement? Formally, livestock transport, within the borders of the EU as well as in addition to “humanely”. The EU regulation on the protection of live animals during Transport, in force since 2007, provides – especially for long trips – a clear set of rules: travel books, temperature recorder, watering systems, rest periods. In 2015, the European court of justice ruled that the regulation applies also to the track sections outside the EU. Controls by the EU in the third countries, but there is no. Research by animal protection organisations and journalists have shown that the set of rules is often not worth the paper on which it stands. The consequences of all of this. Until now.

205 hours ordeal

The graphic, the journey documented in two Cattle trucks, the animal protection organisation, Animals’ Angels

source: Animal Angels © Doreen Borsutzki/TIME graph

A new opinions were accompanied, namely, to the conclusion, that veterinarians, the animal transports, in certain non-member countries approve the aid for animal cruelty guilty and therefore punishable. In your expert articles signs of the magistrate Christoph Maisack and the Veterinarians Alexander Rabitsch, relying on television images and our own research is the part of a cruel battle conditions in many Non-EU countries, particularly in Turkey, the Middle East, in the Maghreb, as well as in the Asian successor States of the Soviet Union. Documented scenes of battle halls, in which the blood is on the floor ankle high. The gezerrten animals smell the death, and fight back. Without anesthesia you be gouged out the eyes and the Achilles tendons severed. Her legs are tied, the bleeding cuts with a sawing movements to follow. The animals die after a few minutes of a long fight to the death. Against German and European animal protection law, such procedures violate blatantly.

This article dates back to the TIME no 10/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

All of these were ancestors of German veterinarians, it didn’t interest you so far, but. Under applicable law, official veterinarians are obliged, at the Request Voratteste for the animal export issue and to authorise shipments to third countries after they have reviewed the proposed terms and conditions of travel. What happens to the animals after Unloading in the third country, how they are treated there, and kept to be slaughtered, was considered to be a legal no-man’s land. As A Black Box. The accusation that veterinarians are not made by their “aid” a criminal offence scares now only the affected doctors but also farmers, livestock traders, politicians. And the threat of litigation casts a spotlight on an industry in which much is considered the norm, what should not be normal.

Jens have the land of Schleswig-Holstein feared that in the end he is the bogeyman of the evil farmer who sold his cattle to the dark Slayer. Therefore, have the country will not stand with his real name in the newspaper. But he wants to be the terror of the image by conventional livestock farmers self-image.


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